May 5th, 2014

Google Now products card

The more “cards” Google keeps packing into their Google Now deck, the better. The latest comes by way of new “Product Cards” that alert a user when a product they’ve searched on Google is nearby.

Remember that Jawbone Jambox Mini you were researching the other day? Well, Google certainly does. And the next time you’re cruising past Target, Google will send you a friendly reminder with a picture of the product, along with its price at your nearest brick and mortar store. Of course, there’s no way for Google to know if the product is actually in stock. It’s up to you to make some kind of physical effort to either call in, or walk into the store for inquiry.

Last week Google Now introduced a handy new card that helps you remember exactly where you parked your car. Anything you’d like to see added in a future update?

Update on Google Play: Google Search

[via Google+]