LG G3 leaks in the wild, offers first look at new rear-mounted button design


LG G3 leak GSMArena

It’s not much, but it appears as if we may finally have our first real look at the LG G3. An alleged leaked picture of the device in the wild is giving us a pretty clear look at the back of the device, showing off LG’s trademark rear-facing button setup. We fear the new buttons — which appear to be much more flat than they were on the G2 — could make it difficult to feel around for the buttons solely by touch, but we do like the new aluminum accents.

If you’re wondering what the black hole is on the side of the camera (opposite from the LED flash), that’s a rear facing IR blaster, a setup we also saw on the LG G Flex (image here). On a more personal note, I recently found myself moving back to the LG G2 after finding current flagships a little too tall for my tastes. If our suspicions are correct, we could see a form factor mirroring closely the recently leaked LG Isai with its dangerously small bezels.

[via GSMArena]

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  1. 2010 HTC style

  2. Shiny plastic again? C’mon LG. At least soft touch ala nexus 5…

    1. Put a thin, stylish cover like I did on my G2.
      Personally, I find it looks better then original:
      Since it covers part of the front, it creats a zero-bezel illusion which I absolutely love.

      1. Exactly regarding the bezel illusion,& you actually have the advantage of the case edge acting as a bezel,preventing accidental screen touches.

      2. It would be cool if they used the same back as the G2 Pro…
        It would be really strange if they used shiny plastic on the G3, because even the G2 LE had a matte back…

  3. This is very probably my next phone. Both the M8 and the S5 had deal breaking features for me. Hope this phone comes out soon!

    1. When it comes down to the M8 vs LG G2, they are both great phones. It comes down to personal preference, obviously. I played around with both phones quite a bit and ended up buying the G2, and i’m glad i did.. the deal breaker for me on the m8 was the screen size and the camera.. haven’t had any problems with the g2 really, minus a device-slowing horrible bug that i fixed after doing a factory reset when i got the OTA kitkat update.

  4. Looks like the 16GB will have 2GB RAM and the 32GB will have 3… Is that what everyone else is seeing that as? The storage options and their respective RAMs?

    1. To me it looks like LG hasn’t decided yet what the device will feature.
      I think he’s just describing the two possibilities.

      1. If they are looking at a may-june release… They have that decided.

  5. ir blaster in the back? i don’t know if that’s a good thing or not honestly.

    1. It actually will be a good thing.I thought the same when I first got the FLEX,but,it actually feels more natural when using/pointing the phone/remote at your TV.

      I imagine more so w/a smaller phone to grip.

  6. Are there any experienced photo-editing people who might see this comment and tell me if it’s possible to edit the picture so more details are revealed?
    Specifically details concerning the note in the background?

    1. According to note in the pic I see OIS and details about 2 models one 16gb memory and 2gb ram one 32 and 3gb ram. Would explain the different leaked specks lately

  7. “Spotted in the wild” These phones are just roaming around like Pokemon?!

    1. Really? Time to go look for an upgrade in the tall grass!

  8. I hope the more prominently placed LG logo is a sign that it might not be on the front, I love the clean look of the Nexus, with zero bezel this would be even better

    1. Hopefully they cut down on the bottom and top bezels slightly, to make the front even more all screen.

  9. The thing in the middle is probably a heart rate monitor ala GS5…

    1. cant it already do that with the camera lens and an app from the playstore?

  10. did someone throw an Instagram filter on that picture? WOW!

    1. It always baffles how Mr. blurrycam never seems to improve despite all the high end camera phones abound…

      1. You know that’s a good point… how do we not end up with any high res leak pics… ever… lol.

        1. I remember when the iPhone was was rumoured to be released there were some really high res pics of it leaked.

  11. That power button looks damn nice. I just hope that it’ll be concave shaped.

  12. Looks very nice.

  13. This will be my next phone

  14. Those foolish buttons are probably the one reason I don’t own a G2. Every time I resigned myself to get one, I’d go to the Verizon store and use it. I could never push the button I was trying to without turning the phone… all three Verizon buttons feel exactly the same to the touch. Not sure about the other version. And knock on may be great, but there’s lots of times I just want to hit the volume. Needless to say, never bought one. With normal button placement, I’d probably own one.

    1. The buttons on the other versions aren’t the same as the Verizon one, they’re much better and much more easier to use.

    2. Your loss. Within a day or two of use, you’d have no trouble hitting that volume button. Mine (Sprint version) took that time frame to get used to the placement and it hasn’t been an issue since. Phones with standard button placement bug me now.

  15. beautiful. IR blaster at the back eh.

  16. Will this have a removable battery and MicroSD card slot?

    1. nobody cares about that crap

      1. You’re kidding, right? It’s a deal-breaker for may of us out there.

        1. He is a troll

      2. You’re absolutely right, I dunno why people still ask for it. SMH

  17. IR blaster on the back is very convenient, the screen is facing you while you use the remote. That’s more comfortable than having the IR blaster on the top of the phone.

    1. Very good point… LG is more than likely gonna have my money again this year. I have had the OG the G2 and will be patiently awaiting the G3

      1. They will be getting mine for sure. I’ve had the G2 and the G-Flex, both solid phones from LG.

        1. You have the G2 & the G Flex?……..And are still going to get the G3? …….How rich are you my man? lol

          1. Lol I had the G2 but now I have the G Flex.

  18. The lg G nipple

  19. kudos to the one plus for having the only engineering team smart enough to include the choice of capacitive or on screen buttons.

    1. Kudos to oneplus for making a phone with bezels twice the size they need to be.

  20. cool..how much?

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