Samsung confirms Galaxy S5 camera failure bug, asks customers to swap out hardware


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We’ve heard reports of new Samsung Galaxy S5 owners encountering a pretty serious bug camera bug on their devices. Different from the Android 4.2.2 bug we told you guys about a few weeks ago, some Galaxy S5 users are receiving a “camera failed” popup upon opening the camera app, rendering the 16MP shooter completely inoperable.

According to reports, not even reboots or factory resets were able to remedy the issue. Once thought to be a bug exclusive to Verizon variants of the GS5, reports from users on other carriers began surfacing in various online forums. Thankfully, Samsung has finally come forward and acknowledging the issue. A company spokesperson told The Verge,

“We have learned that a limited number of Galaxy S5 devices may have an issue that causes ‘Camera Failure’ pop-up error message.”

Galaxy S5 owners experiencing the camera bug are being asked to return their devices to the carrier store where it was originally purchased for a hardware swap, or they can contact Samsung support at 1-888-987-4357 for an exchange. A pretty major issue for any Android device, we’re wondering if any of our readers have encountered this nasty bug on their Galaxy S5?

[Verizon Support]

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  1. Well that’s very annoying isn’t it? Glad to see the company taking responsibility for it. Another reminder for users to always back up their stuff, you never know if/when your device will go missing, stolen, break or malfunction.

    1. I completely agree, issues can and do happen to every major manufacturer. At least Samsung accepted the responsibility and is actively correcting it. I remember a cell phone company whose response to horrible reception was: “you’re holding the phone wrong”.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. No matter what phone or carrier you go with. They are ALL out to make money! That goes for any business big or small. Some of course take better care of their customers than others…

  2. i have some serious smug satisfaction after reading all the comments from people saying this camera was better than the m8.

    1. Well, ok sure. I suppose if that’s the kind of thing that brings you happiness more pity towards you. Schadenfreude isn’t something I’d be pleased to live with myself but that’s just me.

    2. I think there’d be more smug satisfaction from GS5 owners if you dropped your phone and broke it.

      1. Oh snap!

      2. Shots fired. At least Sammy’s willing to replace the defects for free.

        1. Um willing? Free? Kinda of have to.

      3. HTC would fix it for free.

        1. Because they’re desperate.

          1. Because they a Daam good manufacturer, proud owner of HTC last 3 years, I got the best experience

          2. Nope. If they were top dog they wouldn’t give a damn. Don’t act like these big corporations actually care about you. They don’t. They just care about your money, and that want it once a year every year.

          3. So Google doesn’t care for us with all this free stuff they’re giving us?

          4. Nope. Just more advertising and publicity for them. You have no idea how corporations work do you?

          5. What if Google was trying to find a way to please people and make money?

            Such negativity in large corporations. Oh well…
            As a whole, it is kinda hard to believe large companies’ motives are for the consumer.

          6. They claim to be for the consumer but they’re not.

          7. No, deff out to make money, but the customers do get some perks… What can you do?

          8. I DO! I DO! Yeah, they advertise… but we still pay nothing. They also have apps you can pay for with no advertising. Why in the world would a company want to make money?! Can’t beat Google! They keep all my info backed up for free. Advertising, or publicity, which I guess is your knowledgeable way of putting it, is something that EVERY company does! Try to listen to Pandora, watch Youtube, and on and on without listening or seeing advertising.

          9. And you’re happy knowing Google has access to all your information?
            >inb4 tinfoil

          10. Yeah… They have all my info, like my phone numbers, my contacts, my pictures… What I’m worried about is what kind of info the government has. Which is everything on the phone and then some. Google doesn’t have any of my info that is important. Passwords, Social, Account numbers…. Do you use anything to keep your stuff backed up?

          11. Dropbox. I’m Australian, but a lot of people are saying it isn’t safe to use now that some government official is working with them now.

          12. Nah man, I really don’t think that’s the case…. But if so, HTC don’t need to be top dog, they just need to stay relevant that way I keep getting good quality and good experiences with my favorite OEM

        2. For a limited time only!

        3. Like they did for the purple tint issue on the M7? Right….

        4. Samsung is fixing all bugged phones for free. Unless you buy from a private seller from eBay or something like that all you have to do is take it to the carrier store, or call the number and they send a new one with a return shipping label and package… I did almost buy the HTC with the speakers in front though… it was a close second to the S5, and in front of the 5S….

    3. You keep your smugness with your 4 mp camera lol ..the vast majority with s5 cameras working fine will sleep easy.

      1. LOL Are you serious? 4 mp?! My god! My old droid 2 has a 4 mp camera on it from 2008! I am amazed at the quality of the S5 camera! It’s truly HD!

        1. A 4MP camera can still beat a 16MP camera. MP is just related to size, not picture quality. HD is only 2MP anyways, so 4MP would still be twice what you need.

          1. Well if that’s the case than why is it that the really expensive, professional cameras aren’t all 4 mp instead of 16 to 20+? Also if 2 mp is all you need than why is your camera 4? So if 4 is actually twice what you need than I have 8 times better quality than I need. That makes no sense man! How can a 16mp 5312×2988 be a worse camera than whatever you have? No matter what I say you will come back with how numbers don’t matter.. but on my tv 480i is HD, but I ALWAYS keep it on 1080…

          2. I finally looked up what your talking about with the M7… My nephew who is 18 has it. It’s a sweet ass phone! I looked for hours comparing that phone with the S5 before deciding since I had checked his out already. It does take great pics, but if you put them side by side you will notice a difference. The S5 has a clearer image, and seems to take better pictures in lower lit spots. They are both great phones. It’s just personal choice!

    4. So, because of a hardware problem, that automatically makes the M8 camera better than the GS5 camera? Not quite, sparky.

      1. well a camera that doesn’t work cant possibly be better than one that does… lol i kid i kid, it was a silly statement.

        1. LOL MINE WORKS! :-)

      2. I haven’t had a problem out of my GS5 at all… I’m guessing the number of phones with bugs in the camera is less than 2 or 3 percent. Like I said I don’t know what the m5 is on, but I did hours of research before buying my first Samsung phone, comparing camera, battery, memory, features (like wireless charging), and of course price before I decided to go with the Galaxy S5. After reading tons of reviews from professionals that compare phones, instead of just saying their phone is the best. I decided, and it wasn’t the m8. It sure as hell wasn’t the iPhone with 1/3 the battery life.

    5. Some people take this S5 vs M8 stuff wayyyy too seriously.

    6. Really? How satisfying is it to you? lol Have you had both phones and taken pictures side by side? I really don’t know which is better, since I haven’t used both.. but I do know the camera on my S5 is pretty slick. I honestly don’t even know what the m8 is. And as for myself I have way more important things to feel satisfied about…

  3. So had anyone with a Galaxy S5 here actually encountered this bug?

    1. had it for a week so far and no problems… I am loving this thing!

    2. No.. I haven’t heard anyone speak up yet, except the fireman, who is clearly a little too into his phone… I would say it’s maybe 2 or 3% of the millions sold..

      1. 3% would be a major issue. If we aren’t hearing about, it’s probably more like one in a thousand, or 0.10%

  4. Lol @ all funny fighting about who’s got the better cell camera. Cell camera is a last, last resort when it comes to taking pictures.

    1. It’s not the last resort. Of course when you intend to bring a DSLR or a mirrorless with you, you won’t use a phone to take pictures. But do you bring a camera whenever you go out? No I guess. You have no option except the phone. So yeah which phone has better camera is important.

      1. We all know that pretty much EVERYONE has a cell phone. How may people carry a camera around with them? The camera was a big selling point to me on my phone, next only to battery life. I have to agree with you 100% on that.

    2. Unless I’m trying to take professional quality pictures, my cell camera is my first, first choice! I don’t see how you can even say that… If no one used their cell cameras unless it was their last, last resort, like say the batteries die on their camera, than what would social media be? Half wouldn’t exist.
      I just purchased the Galaxy S5, the first Samsung phone I’ve ever had. I took it to the Pacers game and was AMAZED at the picture quality! I didn’t need anything extra either. I always have my phone, so why not want to get the best camera you can not just for moments like that, but all the moments in our lives that we suddenly want to capture. No one wants to carry a phone and a separate camera, especially if I want a camera that is better than the 16 megapixel camera built into my phone.
      To me the cell camera is great! Couldn’t imagine not having it.
      Anyone who reads this, please let me know how many pictures you have on your phone, and on your computer from your phone. Than tell me how many pictures you have on your camera, and computer from it as well and I’m gonna say it’s at least 5 to 1.

    3. The best camera is and always will be the camera you have with you. Yeah I’ve got a DSLR, but I don’t lug it around with me everywhere. For most, a phone camera is the one and only camera they actually carry full time. That makes it a first resort, my DSLR is my last resort and always will be.

    4. Yeah, I see so many people walking around with point and shoot cameras these days.

      Obviously the average camera will take better pictures than a cell phone, but that’s assuming the average user cares to photograph their meal or cat with something better than a readily available 16 mp cell phone camera. That’s a big assumption.

  5. Not good samsung!

  6. The comparison of the S4,5 and the M7,8 is allot like comparing my German Shepard to your Chocolate Lab. You will never convince me that your stupid lab is as good of a dog as my badass Shepard! It’s something that will never end! I’m just glad no one is bringing the one that pees on the floor still and only has a life span of about 3 year… You know the iPhone of the dog world.

    1. See never ends… I just couldn’t help myself.

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