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Google Search AdWords Install Ads

Some new changes are headed to both Google Search and YouTube, specifically, the type of ads we’ll start seeing those apps. Announced during Google’s livestreamed AdWords Performance Forum event, Google talked about better ways they can connect businesses to customers through finely tuned ads that target the specific user viewing them. How does Google do this? Well, needless to say, Google knows a lot about you. They take into account purchases you’ve made, Google searches, or even the apps you currently have installed on your device.

Because Google says only about 20% of smartphone users ever reopen an installed application more than once, they’ll now show ads for applications already installed on a user’s device when it applies to a search query. This is different from Google’s “deep linking” initiative we saw introduced last year, in that now it will be integrated with AdWords and doesn’t require developers to add deep linking into their apps.

Deep linking knows not only which apps are installed on your device, but can open a search query inside that application. For instance, if you’re searching for the new X-Men movie, an ad in Google Search might show you the Fandango app already installed on your phone. Clicking open will take you to a pre-order page in that app, where you can buy tickets. Pretty darn convenient and everyone wins when you think about it.

Google AdWords install ad YouTube 1

In addition to Google Search, the YouTube application will also see “install ads” for application arriving on the platform via TrueView. Before a YouTube video starts, you’ll now have to option to skip or install an application from the advertiser, directly from the Google Play Store.

With Google hitting 100 billion searches monthly, it’s clear there’s still a lot money to be made and bringing customers to businesses is what Google does best. Google says these new features will be rolling out over the course of the next few weeks, so be on the look out.

[Inside AdWords | Image credit: TNW]

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  1. I remember reading about an app years ago that would deliver results through apps rather than the regular search page. The reason for this was due to not having mobile pages for devices. I believe it was on iPhone.

    I guess this is just one step away, as it’s only ads and not actual results.

  2. I look at that picture and only think.. Install update 0_0 and clear notification bar!

  3. I had better be able to either disable or opt out. This is not a win win, its a lose lose situation. We are already advertised to enough google

    1. If you opt out you’re going to continue to see those ads about new lamp posts and milk cartons. Because I’m guessing those are things you need at the moment.

      1. I have to agree, if I’m going to see advertisements why not let them try to personalize it. I ignore them 99.9% of the time either way.

  4. I don’t mind ads at all. It’s how you find things. I welcome this. I’m tired of those USELESS ads that are tryna sell me crap. I am NOT looking for a house, so I would like to not see anything related to real estate.

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