Samsung calls Android’s VP of engineering to the stand [APPLE VS SAMSUNG 2014]


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After 5 days into the “the next big patent lawsuit,” Apple is finally resting their case, seeking $2.19 billion in damages from Samsung over their alleged patent infringement. With that out of the way, it was Samsung’s turn to call upon witnesses, in which Hiroshi Lockheimer — Google’s VP of engineering for Android — made it up on the stand to talk, what else, but Android.

Lockheimer, who joined up with Google back in 2006, says he was “blown away” by what Andy Rubin showed him of an early Android build. Samsung was using Lockheimer testimony to drive the point home to jurors that it was Google who was responsible for many of the infringed software patents Apple was alleging in the case — not Samsung.

Lockheimer went on to explain to the jury how this wacky Android thing works (now that they’ve already been briefed on iOS). They learned that it was Google who developed the software, after which it was the OEMs job to install on their hardware (and make occasional UI tweaks). Samsung maintains that Apple’s quarrel — which involves “stock” Android devices like the Galaxy Nexus — is technically with Google. Once again, not Samsung.

Android Search screenshot

Then it came time to talk about Android’s search function, a key patent Apple claims was infringed in multiple Samsung devices. Samsung attempted to downplay its usefulness by using Lockheimer’s testimony that only about 2% of people who used the search function in Android ever actually clicked on an application. 98% of the time, users clicked on web search results. Of course, Apple had a problem with Lockheimer’s statistic, noting that data came from more later versions of Android and not the versions found in the alleged infringed devices.

The trial is set to end later this month, with a few more key Google witnesses also taking the stand, though none as nearly as high ranking as Lockheimer (just a few lowly software engineers, UX researchers, and Google lawyers). I think it’s safe to say we’re all a little fed up with Apple’s litigation at this point, but we’ll bring you more from the trial when/if there’s anything worth bringing to your attention.

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  1. If this hurts Nexus in any way, I’ll be sure to burn down both Apple and Samsung at night. Yes, the whole entity of Apple and Samsung. It’s possible because I’m awesome.

    1. I watch…lol

      1. Commentors. Y u no use proper grammar?

    2. 0_o

      1. This has nothing to do with anything. Post random nonsense on Twitter or Facebook if you feel like it, not here.

        1. Calm your tits friend.

          1. a) Don’t have any. b) You waste people’s time. c) post this on 4chan and see if you still think I’m the one who needs to calm down.

          2. K, cheers!

    3. That’s the kind of thing you say with your inside voice good sir. Trust me no smartphone is worth it and if it is to you… Yikes.

      1. Obviously I’m kidding. Welcome to the internet. A place of lies and other crazy things.

        1. What did you say?

        2. Can he haz hewmur?

    4. Well you see the reason apple has a go at Samsung is because they know they cannot attack Google, Google owns the patent to cellular technology and so technically Google has the power to force apple to recall every iPhone and iPad with cellular data ever made which I’m fairly certain would bankrupt apple, this is why apple has never said anything to Google and tries to have a go at smaller companies like HTC and Samsung that don’t hold such a great power,if the headlines ever read apple takes Google to court expect apple is bankrupt to be in the headlines soo as well

      1. Patent to cellular technology umm what?

      2. I think you’re confused with Google’s FRAND patents. Either way, stop spreading fud

      3. Are you really that dumb?

        1. Who? Phinn or Haydn?

      4. Smaller companies? Samsung is worth over half a trillion dollars. Literally. Almost 600 billion. Google is no way at all near that mark.

        1. Samsung is the largest and most powerful company in South korea, one filth of their economy are produced by Samsung. So yeah, they’re pretty damn big … but their lawyers suck. They lost many to many case while won very little.

    5. Who moved my insanely awesome chunk of Nexus? I completely agree. I haven’t had any Nexus devices before but I certainly love them.

  2. See the thing is – Apple is going to rely solely on these patents to keep them in business before long since, let’s face it, their smart phones are selling less and less. Apple, meet Blackberry. :)

    1. That’s definitely not the case in the US where most people buy iPhones. Sadly most of my friends use iOS and my company provides the option of iPhone or choice of a couple Android phones. Nearly every single person in the fairly large company choices iPhone. The choice is pretty clear in the US.

      I’ve always wished Google would release and market a Nexus as “the” Android phone and subsidize/update it carrier wide like Apple does for a true competitor. Sadly it’s just a cluster-F of mediocre “me too” phablet devices now most people I know say are “too big”.

      1. I think we should all realize that until the S3 came out, there wasn’t an android based phone that didn’t have some major flaws. Even the S3 has it’s share of some issues, but it’s still a great phone (to this day).

        So, until about 18 months ago, there wasn’t a phone that could impress the masses (without having to root). I think that “clear choice” is becoming a bit more blurred. I’ve started to see more and more Samsung devices in the past 6 months (in public). I think it’s a slow and steady process, but we’re on the brink of some major phone enhancements (some of which are already here) from Android phones which will make them the “cool” phone as well. Choices will be plentiful and Apple will see it’s mainstream-ness start to diminish.

        1. I’ll disagree. The Samsung E4GT on Sprint (GS2) was an amazing phone, even without root. But, because it became extremely popular, arguably the most popular GS2 variant, it had a huge amount of root/rom support.

          1. I liked the phone as well. The one flaw was the battery bloating after upgrading to ICS. I went through 4 batteries in the 2 years I had it.

            After updating to ICS, I was one of those users who was plagued with the battery bloating. My mom didn’t have that, though. =.[

            But other than that, it was a good phone. And yea, it did have a lot of dev support.

          2. I never experienced the battery bloat issue. It may have been because my ICS update was a root/rom instead.

          3. I was using ROMs as well. There is a thread about it. A lot of people started getting bloated batteries. That’s actually why I don’t care for removable battery. LoL!!

            One thing that upsetted me was that my mom’s phone had the Epic 4G battery (1500) instead of the Epic 4G Touch (1800) battery in it for like a year. And we couldn’t get it swapped since it wasn’t the right battery. I was like HAIL no!!

            Luckily batteries were just $10 online. Tryna get me to pay $40. =.=

          4. Having a removable battery is actually good if you end up with a bloated battery. If your device is out of warranty, you can easily swap it compared to a non-removable battery.

            I had a stack of near mint condition iPod touch’s at work that all had one problem: bloated battery. Replacing it would prove to be more costly than the devices were worth so we sold them for parts instead.

            And, yes, buying a battery online is the best thing to do, unless you need it in an emergency situation. Even then, Radio Shack & Batteries Plus will sell you on their “brand” batteries which almost always are smaller mAh than the OEM.

        2. I agree with @vanakatherock:disqus. The SGS2 is the phone you meant, once it got the ICS and subsequent JB updates of course. Some people would probably argue the original Galaxy even met your criteria of impressing the masses without major flaws. Either way I feel by the time the SGS3 came out competitors had just as impressive phones too so you couldn’t single out only Samsung’s offering if you want such a recent device.

        3. I agree. Even a year ago the iPhone was still the undisputed favourite in North America. With many iPhone 4 and 4S users now having 2-3 year old devices (and with all the improvements made on Android and the OEM’s hardware) people in North America are finally realising what Europeans and people in the Far East have known for ages: the iPhone is not perfect and Android and the devices it runs on are just as good or better.

      2. Android market share in the US: 50.3
        IOS market share in the US: 43.1

        And if “most people” are saying Android devices are too big then why are those devices leading in sales and Apple will soon be jumping on the “me too” train?


    2. Blackberry (as an old man in the retirement home greeting Apple on it’s arrival at the home): “How the mighty have fallen.”

  3. i think its a case of us v them as in usa v korea! now if it was google who whould team usa vote against?

  4. I hope Google is found responsible because we know Apple is too scared of taking Google to court, thus ending the patent war. Go Sammy and Google, kill Apple

    1. Apple will probably end up releasing an iPhone with a big screen this year and then the hordes of fools who started doubting that it was a perfect device will run right back into the arms of zombie Steve Jobs. Have fun getting your brains eaten (read: using a device with the usage latitude and potential of a dead cat compared to Android).

      1. Lemmings.

        Like in Apple’s 1985 superbowl commercial.

        The irony. They look like people camping out in line for the next iPhone.

        Steve says: people don’t want multasking on a phone.
        (Crowds cheer and clap)

        Next year Steve says: the new iPhone has multitasking
        (Crowds cheer and clap)
        (But iPhone multitasking has annoying pop up badges and is not nearly as ‘multitasking’ as Android.)

        Next year Steve says: we have this new innovative notification system with a bar at the top that allows you to pull down a panel of notifications from background tasks.
        (Crowds cheer and clap)

        Steve says: seven inch tablets are dead on arrival.
        (Crowds cheer and clap)

        (. . . . after success of seven inch tablets including Google’s own outstanding Nexus 7 at a fantastic price. . .)
        Steve says: Introducing the new iPad mini.
        (Crowds cheer and clap)

        It’s like a cult. Yes, really.

        1. Politicians do this all the time. Deny people what they want by convincing them what they are asking for isn’t necessary and that things are perfect the way they are. Then later come back, give them what they asked for and look like a god.

  5. Reminds me of an Assist Trophy in SSB Brawl.

    Oh? You think I’m losing the fight? Go!! Assist Trophy!!

    P.S., I heard Gamestop started taking pre-orders for Super Smash Bros 2014 for the 3DS.

    1. What the hell are you talking about?

    2. Super Smash Bros. Right. Bit of a silly game but it’s okay.

  6. Oh apple, everyday I hate u more.

  7. Ughhhhhhhh

    1. What a worthy comment. You really contributed well there.

      1. About as worthy as yours and as mine but i thought it should be pointed out

  8. apple is a crooked and a deceiving corporation. in this new court battle, apple is saying that they are losing sales due to the infringing patents…but on the other hand, there is news report where apple says loss of sales is due to “they (meaning android) have something that we (apple) dont have = bigger screens and low end smartphones…and that their marketing is lacking

    loss of sales, which is it apple? the infringing patents or that you dont have something that your competition have?

    1. Ultimately Apple is mad because they don’t have a monopoly. They want to dictate the whole experience to their users. Too bad Apple that will not work now days.

    2. Last year Apple said they had the iPhone 5S. The year before that they said they had the 5. Which is it, Apple? Better keep your story straight.

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