Amazon smartphone with a 3D display launching this September [RUMOR]



The long rumored “Amazon smartphone” has been whispered for longer than we care to remember. But according to the Wall Street Journal, it appears Amazon is finally ready to make this smartphone thing happen, with a release scheduled for this summer.

Sources say Amazon has already begun showing off the phone to developers, and is planning to announce the phone in late June, with a release in September. How will this phone differ from the plethora of Androids already on the market? How ’bout not 1, or 2, or 3 cameras — but 4 of them. Okay, so they’ll be largely used for retina-tracking. What for? Because the Amazon phone will feature 3D-like holograms that seemingly jump off the display.

It sounds crazy, and hella gimmicky, but with Amazon’s new in-house Game Studios at the ready, they might be able to pull this thing off. Looks like Nintendo’s got some competition in the 3D mobile games space.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. In before flop.

  2. Because 3D phones and displays are doing sooooo well.

  3. Uhm… *raises hand* I have a phone with “glasses free” 3D. It’s been done. Anybody even remember the EVO 3D? No? That’s cause it was boring.

  4. Instant fail. Nobody likes 3d displays.

  5. Sounds uh… whatever. (At least for now).

    1. You sound kinda whatever too.

      1. Agreed.

  6. i loved my evo3d. It was just to slow…looking forward to this.

    1. I’m with you on that one, never saw any disadvantage in glasses free 3D, especially since I wear reading glasses. The RAM sucking software was terrible though, I had to change to a Galaxy Nexus. With 3D the more screen pixels the better, so far I have not seen any disadvantage in my UDTV having more pixels, or my Nexus 10 having QHD pixels. Nor have I seen any disadvantage in my Nexus 5 and 7 having FHD pixels, eventually I look forward to 6″ UD 3D. I bought two pairs of reading glasses a couple of days ago for $5, $2.50 each. So to everyone who complains about too many pixels, maybe your right, it could cost you $10 every 2 years, to really see on the most important window in your life. And I couldn’t for the life of myself, see any disadvantage in my $270 3D monitor, either, got some 3D blue rays, had a lot of fun. 3D and UD have never stopped me from enjoying anything in FHD, HD, SD, black and white. I’d like to see Casablanca in 3D UD color, couldn’t see any disadvantage to the colourised version at all. We now have UD B/W Casablanca, so colourise it, 3D covert it, and give it to me on a glasses free 6″ screen. Poor as I am, I can afford $2.50 for a pair of reading glasses. So can 5 billion other people in 2018.

  7. It’s the rumor that never ends

  8. Hope it’s better than my Thrill 3D. The phone was ok, but the 3D was eye-hurting and not very convincing.

  9. Because 3D is doing really well right now.

  10. The real news here is that Amazon is releasing a phone.

    The Evo 3D was a memory-upgraded HTC Sensation and ran circles around that phone.

    And yet all that was heard in the blogosphere were 3D complaints – and it was a feature that you didn’t have to use.

    Here’s the news – Amazon, having just released a TV appliance, is releasing a phone. Connect the dots.

  11. Eh… I have the 3DS. 3D is not really something I care too much for in a phone, or in portable devices mainly. I think 3D should stay at home and not be out and about. It’s just one of those stationary things.

    But the way 3D is being used in this phone sounds different. It sounds like their holograms and not a 3D image. Well… I guess that would be a 3D image: a hologram. LoL!!

  12. In earlier days so many 3d smart phones had flopped already. Lets see in future, Amazone 3d smart phones how much get success in 3d smart phone technologies.

  13. Nobody want’s your Android devices Amazon, nobody cares if you add a gimmick which has ready been attempted and failed.

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