Android versions for April: KitKat makes big jump to 5.3% of active Androids


Android Platform Distribution April 2014

You knew they were coming and it’s time, once again, for Google to update the world on the current state of Android. Posted moments ago to the Android Developers page, these stats are provided so that Android’s many developers can see exactly which versions of Android devices are currently running (ones that have recently visited the Google Play Store), so that they can target with their apps accordingly.

To make things a little easier to view at a glance, we’ve gone ahead and compiled these numbers in comparison with the previous month’s down below.

Android versions March –> April

  • KitKat: 2.5% –> 5.3%
  • Jelly Bean: 62% –> 61.4%
  • Ice Cream Sandwich: 15.2% –> 14.3%
  • Gingerbread: 19% –> 17.8%

In a move that will no doubt make our own Rob Jackson happy (he mentioned last month how sad it was to see KitKat struggling to hit 3%), we’re now seeing KitKat make a huge leap for the month of April, accounting for 5.3% of active Android devices. Not bad considering we’re still seeing KitKat updates roll out for many devices. Factor in new flagships for 2014 closing in fast — all running Android 4.4+ — and we’ll likely see another huge jump for KitKat in the coming months.

It’s also interesting that while Android 4.2.x Jelly Bean is still on the rise, but 4.1.x and 4.3 all took a hit. This dropped Jelly Bean’s overall percentage down to 6.1.4% for April, and is more than likely due to firmware upgrades.



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  1. No thanks to Verizon and the Note 3…

    1. Don’t forget LG G2

      1. Do you mean the Verizon G2? Because afaik that’s the only variant that hasn’t received the update.

  2. It means more new androids are being sold….but it’s not as if any Gingers will get any love.

    1. I love gingers! : P

  3. Do stats like this include people running custom ROMs? I use CM but there isn’t a stable build of 11 yet for my device so I’m still on a JB version.

    1. It counts anybody connecting to the Play Store.

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