HTC One M8 Mini makes an appearance on Swedish carrier’s site


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You’d be hard pressed to find any mention of a bite sized HTC One M8 during the device’s reveal in New York. Just because HTC released the HTC One Mini last year, doesn’t necessarily guarantee they’ll be doing the same this year. For those that were worried, the HTC One M8 Mini has just popped up on Swedish carrier Telia’s list of devices supporting HD voice on their network. Funny, given HTC hasn’t made the phone official (at least, not to the public).

HTC One M8 Mini Telia

It really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given the new model is reaching new heights, making a smaller variant more necessary than ever for buyer’s looking for something a little more palmable. Don’t forget that recently @evleaks confirmed the phone’s existence, making it’s release all but certain.

Still undisclosed are the actual form factor and whether or not HTC will forgo the “Duo Camera” array on the mini sized version. While the verdict is still out on that one, we can’t wait to see the other improvements HTC has made on the device when it makes its inevitable debut later this year.


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  1. As far as form factor goes, evleaks has confirmed a 4.5″ Display

    1. Actually hoping they stick with capacitive buttons for the mini (cuz you know that bezel ain’t going anywhere, might as well use it). Lol

      1. With the SNAPDRAGON 600,& wide availability,this would probably outsell the M8.

        1. People might as well just buy the HTC One M7.

    2. It’s so weird to think 4.5″ is mini, isn’t that the screen size of the old EVO 4G?? I remember getting that and thinking “Damn, this screen is HUGE!” and now that size is relegated to “mini” phones. WTF ha.

      1. My thoughts exactly. I might consider buying this if it is no larger than 4.5″, and is an upgrade over the M7 in the same ways the M8 is. But man, what a world we live in, when a 4.5″ phone can be called mini.

        1. Yeah, put a different camera on there and OIS, and I’ll consider it too…

      2. the g2 mini has a 4.7 inch screen doesnt it?

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