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Captain America: The Winter Solider is set to hit theaters next Friday, April 4th. If you were looking to get down and dirty with the Cap before then, Gameloft’s official movie tie-in game is now officially available on Google Play. Players step into the shoes of Steve Rogers, reprising his roll as Captain America as he — along with the help of SHIELD — goes up against iconic villains from the Marvel universe. Masterminds like King Cobra, Taskmaster, Puff Adder, and eventually, the Winter Soldier, all make an appearance.

Graphically, the game looks great. CA:TWS features cell-shaded visuals for a comic feel, along with lifelike shadows and fuzzy depth of field bokeh. Not bad for a mobile game, and it looks great in 1080p. What’s interesting is the game is played in portrait mode, not the usual landscape mode which some players may find can take some getting used to. Nothing we couldn’t handle, however.

Captain America The Winter Soldier

Gameplay is more along the lines of an MMO where tapping on enemies will order the Captain to attack, along with his Strike Team of SHIELD agents following suit. We should mention that there are manual movement/attacking controls, but it’s obvious that it simply was not how the game was designed to played… at all.

Of course, the Captain’s trusty shield is always available to helping get him out of trouble, and can be thrown by swiping over enemies on screen. When things get really hairy, you can always call in the Black Widow or Falcon — two of the worse super heroes characters ever — to come in and lend a helping hand.

Both Captain America and his SHIELD agents can have their abilities upgraded, adding an RPG like depth (and the chance for Gameloft to earn coin with additional in-app purchases for the impatient). There’s even a multiplayer mode where you can battle other rival players, adding a ton more value to the title.

The game doesn’t actually spoil anything from the movie, with an original story co-written by comic writer Christos Gage. Just keep in mind only the first 2 levels are free ($3 after that), and Captain America: TWS does require an initial download of 87.71MB of data, along with a constant data connection to keep playing.

Download link provided below along with the trailer. Oh, and for those watching the movie next Friday, keep an eye out for the HTC One making a cameo appearance in the hands of none other than Samuel L-mutha-flippin’ Jackson. Cheers.

Download on Google Play: Captain America: TWS

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  1. Just charge up front, already. We’ll pay if it’s good.. If it isn’t, you aren’t any more likely to get our money by hiding the charge.

    1. God YES! When will this freemium bullshit stop? I happily paid full price for Real Racing 2 when it was released, what a wonderful game that was. Real Racing 3?! How disappointing. Damn game wanted to live out of my wallet, screw that.

      Offer a full price right along side your “free” options. This pricing model is what turns me off these big games. ANY EA game and all the other big titles, soon as I see them I automatically assume freemium BS and move along. How long do these developers want to maintain a bad reputation like that?

      1. Agreed. If the game is the new “sample levels free, buy the game after that” model, I’m all over it. These in app “currency” purchases are the worst. Played a good golf game that would have cost me about $500 to buy enough reasonable upgrades to compete and progress. It’s just gotten out of hand…. And I refuse to be a part of that ecosystem, I dint care how good the game is, I’m not buying in game currency.

        1. Let’s Golf 2 was another good one before it was ruined in part 3. RR3 had so much potential then its pricing model was revealed… For example, “time outs”
          force free-playing users to wait for virtual car repairs. Want to skip
          those breaks? Make a micro payment.

          The problem is they’re lying to us by giving players enough game that we don’t feel we’ve been tricked by the promise of a free offer. These games are slot machines. Mobile gaming has such high potential but many are ruined by this FTP bullshit.

          This isn’t right:

          1. Can you imagine a console game with a $100 price tag?

          2. I know, it’s ridiculous.

    2. I guess I don’t see the problem with this model. Offering the first two chapters as a “try before you buy” sure is a lot nicer than just getting that 15 minute return window…

      Or are there other IAP that nickle/dime throughout the game?

      1. There are others throughout to allow you upgrade Cap and his team faster

        1. So eventually you need to buy upgrades or the game becomes extremely difficult.

  2. “Captain America: The Winter Solider is set to hit theaters next Friday, April 4th. If you were looking to get down and dirty with the Cap before then, Gameloft’s”

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