Twitter update brings enhanced photo features including friend tagging


Twitter multi upload update
An update coming soon to the Google Play Store, Twitter is announcing new photo features hitting both their Android and iOS apps. Twitter’s attempt at making their service “more social,” users will soon be able to upload up to 4 photos in a single tweet. Nice for those that love sharing (and helps keep users from straying off to Instagram for their photo sharing needs).

Twitter Photo tagging update

We suppose the real news comes in Twitter’s other latest feature: photo tagging. Upon updating the app, Twitterers can tag up 10 friends in a single photo a la Instagram, Facebook, Google+, etc.. Again, it’s more social move, but one we didn’t see coming from a service that was refreshingly unlike the other guys. What’s next, raising the 140 character limit? Download the update (when it drops) via the Play Store link below.

Download on Google Play: Twitter

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  1. Isn’t the current 140 character limit eaten away by uploading a picture with the reference to….? So dies this remove having 4x that picture address so you can also add text? Doors that even make sense?!

    1. Currently every URL — even pic.twitter — get transformed into a condensed URL. Makes ’em smaller, but there’s still a limit on how many you can tweet in 140 characters. Not sure how this new method works, still waiting on the update. :/

      1. Apologies for my incoherent babble! I can’t get the Google keyboard on my Nexus 5 to play nice and type what I meant ever! Its a nightmare!

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