Google I/O 2014 registration opens April 8th, applicants to be randomly selected


Google IO 2014

Every year it’s the same thing. Google I/O registration opens, and in a mad frenzy to apply, the server crashes and for many, they find out they’ve missed their opportunity to attend one of the single biggest events of the year. Lots of tears and bloodshed, but this year Google is doing things different.

Today, the Google Developers Blog officially announced when Google I/O 2014 registrations will open: April 8th – 10th. Now that you’ve got that marked in your calendar, you’re no doubt ready to call in a “sick day” to make sure you don’t miss your shot. Don’t bother. As mentioned previously, Google is handling registration a whole lot different this year.

Google IO 2014 selection process

Instead of first come first serve — the selection promise will be completely random. This means you can apply anytime between April 7th through 9th, and you’ll have the same chances of getting in as the guy who applies right when it opens (5AM PT to be exact). Neat huh?

Google has also officially launched their new Google I/0 2014 site, but at the moment seems to be experiencing technical difficulties. For those enrolled in college, tickets will run $300, while “normals” get a ticket for $900. Google I/O 2014 kicks off June 25th – 26th, in beautiful San Francisco. Hit up the link below for more info.

[Google IO 2014]

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  1. Can’t wait, Hope I can get a pass

  2. I wonder how this process affects journalist?

    1. Last year, they were super strict. Many sites only received an invite for a single person to attend, while smaller sites didn’t receive an invite at all. Kind of a slap in the face for blogs/sites that have supported Android since the beginning.

  3. I was hoping they’d finally make it so only developers and journalists can buy a ticket. I’ve seen way too many people go there only for the free gifts.

    1. Not really free if you pay $900 for a ticket. If I get to go I promise I’ll report on it or something.

    2. “I was hoping they’d finally make it so only developers and journalists can buy a ticket.”

      You have to “apply” for the random draw. I’m presuming that the questions will try to narrow down/prioritize only active developers and press.

  4. I’ll go just because I am now self employed. I can has free time

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