Mar 12th, 2014

YouTube 5.5.26 DOGFOOD

The YouTube app was just updated in the PlayStore to version 5.5.26-DOGFOOD. While we’re sniffing around for changes, it appears that Google may have unintentionally published a Dogfood version of their app — a term used to describe apps still being internally tested by Google devs.

YouTube dogfood update 5.5.26 options

Aside from the cute little bone icon in the upper left corner (instead of YouTube’s trademark play icon), there’s now a strange new Dogfood setting with ExoPlayer options inside. Not sure what it all means, but it’s kinda cool. We’d say watch out for the update, but we imagine it wont be long before the update is pulled from Google Play and replaced with the normal version. Anyone else get it?

UPDATE: Looks like there are some small UI changes throughout the app, pretty minor. Large cards have been replaced by smaller ones in the videos and playlists tabs in user channels. This makes it much easier to see more info on a single page, without scrolling needlessly through hundreds of cards (wish they had an option to condense these cards throughout the entire app). Playlists are also displayed in the sidebar menu, without needing to first click the old “Playlists” button.

Download/update on Google Play: YouTube

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