Mar 4th, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Gear 2 Fit

It was during the commercial break for 86th annual Academy Awards that we saw the first ad spots for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. And while commercials typically serve their purpose of quickly grabbing viewers’ attention with a mix of humor and/or features, sometimes you need something a little longer than a quick 30 second to get a good idea of what an advertiser is selling.

Samsung knows this, and it’s why the smartphone manufacturer has taken to their YouTube channel to upload a quick 4-minute Samsung Galaxy S5 feature overview, covering the main hardware and software features consumers can expect to see when the phone launches in April. Everything from the Galaxy S5’s 16MP camera with super quick auto focusing (we tried it for ourselves and yes, it’s damn quick), fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor, Adaptive Display technology, and new blazing fast connectivity options — it’s all here.

Say what you will about Samsung, but we gotta hand it to them — in depth promos like this are the perfect resource for educating friends and family who are looking to buy a new Android device. When someone asks you “What’s so great about the new Galaxy S5?” you can send them this video and be done with it.

Samsung also gave the new Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear Fit the same treatment in their own 4-minute feature video. You can find that below.

Oh, and in case you missed it, you can myself and Edgar Cervantes giving our quick impressions of the Galaxy S5 in Samsung’s official first impressions video during their Unpacked event in Spain last week. It was obviously edited for content (Edgar made no qualms about wanting a more premium feeling Galaxy device), but you get the idea. Ha.

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