Samsung Galaxy S5 features shown off in 4-minute promo video (Gear 2 and Gear Fit too)


Samsung Galaxy S5 Gear 2 Fit

It was during the commercial break for 86th annual Academy Awards that we saw the first ad spots for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. And while commercials typically serve their purpose of quickly grabbing viewers’ attention with a mix of humor and/or features, sometimes you need something a little longer than a quick 30 second to get a good idea of what an advertiser is selling.

Samsung knows this, and it’s why the smartphone manufacturer has taken to their YouTube channel to upload a quick 4-minute Samsung Galaxy S5 feature overview, covering the main hardware and software features consumers can expect to see when the phone launches in April. Everything from the Galaxy S5’s 16MP camera with super quick auto focusing (we tried it for ourselves and yes, it’s damn quick), fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor, Adaptive Display technology, and new blazing fast connectivity options — it’s all here.

Say what you will about Samsung, but we gotta hand it to them — in depth promos like this are the perfect resource for educating friends and family who are looking to buy a new Android device. When someone asks you “What’s so great about the new Galaxy S5?” you can send them this video and be done with it.

Samsung also gave the new Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear Fit the same treatment in their own 4-minute feature video. You can find that below.

Oh, and in case you missed it, you can myself and Edgar Cervantes giving our quick impressions of the Galaxy S5 in Samsung’s official first impressions video during their Unpacked event in Spain last week. It was obviously edited for content (Edgar made no qualms about wanting a more premium feeling Galaxy device), but you get the idea. Ha.

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  1. damn that gear 2 is looking better and better….HTC where is your watch?!?!

    1. REALLY like what I saw with the Gear 2. Just sucks it’s Samsung-only. Can’t wait to see what other OEMs like HTC, LG, and of course, Google introduce later this year :D

  2. Those video are sure making those devices look more appealing. I’m going to wait to see what LG has in store though. As for 2015, I’m excited for Google Ara.

    1. Ur not Kidding brother….The one thing that definately sold me and that has been desperately needed is downloading with WiFi and LTE….That just made the money spit out of my pocket. Do you know how long that technology has been needed especially with Sprints slow ass speeds…It makes it more bearable knowing i can download files from Wifi and LTE and not worry about data speed anymore…I’m just hoping that Samsung thought to let it work with a 3G connection as well.

      1. Aren’t there already root apps that do this? I remember an XDA article about this a few years ago.

  3. http://common.restaurantfurnitureresource.com/common/products/p/vs-300-782-RB_pr.jpg

    Clearly the inspiration for the profile of their new device.

    1. Lol

      1. They should sue Samsung

    2. I hate, hate, HATE shiny chrome on smartphones. I was really crossing my fingers Samsung would finally deviate away from this, but ugh. Wish they just offered a matte black version :/

      1. Just plasti dip that mofo lol

  4. *shrugs*

  5. Samsung can put phones out all they want, with exceptional features. I have jumped ship to LG and shall never return to TouchWiz. I’ve had the G2 for 4 days now and I’m hooked. Got the deal of a lifetime on it to!

    1. Do you think that LG’s skin is any better?

      1. LG’s skin doesn’t lag like Samsung’s and provides more customisation options. I understand if people think it’s ugly, but in terms of performance it’s great. You don’t even need a 3rd party launcher if you want to change the icons.

        1. I agree.

        2. I just wish they would update there android version

          1. The G2 has kitkat now, Korea got it first then the US now other countries are seeing it get updated.

      2. It’s not as heavy as Samsungs

    2. I’m curious about what LG’s Android skin is like too.

      1. A breath of fresh air compared to Samsung

        1. How is for speedy response times in general performing tasks? How about the look of it? Would you use the skin instead of Nova?

          1. In terms of performance it’s great, nice and smooth. In terms of the look the only thing I don’t like is the icons so that’s why I like to use LG themes from the playstore (you don’t need a 3rd party launcher).

          2. Thanks for the info. I’m thinking of a new phone for this year after 18 months of the S3. So far LG G2 and Xperia Z2 are contenders. Nexus 6 (if it will come to be this year) is also an option. LG G Pro 2 is too big a device for my tastes since I won’t be able to pocket it.

          3. G2 is a great device and the Z2 looks to be awesome as well, you can’t go wrong with either.

          4. Right now RadioShack is offering the G2 for the 3 major carriers for $20 on contract and eligible upgrade

          5. Isn’t the nexus 6 gonna to be having the same screen size as the G Pro 2 (6″)?? hehe xD

          6. It is obnoxiously fast and responsive. And I never liked Nova, not saying it’s bad, I’m really impressed with what LG has done with this phone. Having owned the first Optimus, I can say LG has come a long way

          7. Id skin. The phone is ungodly fast and the LGHome is smooth as butter, for me even with Verizons bloatware. It is so fast that I have not even really been concerned about rooting and roming it. I will root it eventually to activate the built in hot spot software but I am not really in a hurry.

        2. Agreed however my only complaint is the lack themes available for it. Get a few good theme makers on board and it would be perfect.

    3. LG UI is a little clunky in areas but overall the G2 wins on performance and battery life. I charge my device every two days on heavy usage and wake up in the morning with only 3 percent used overnight. This thing sucks power with a straw..

      Liked it so much I moved my wife to a G2, she loves the battery life experience as well..

    4. I went from an LG Revolution (horrible phone) to this… Took a chance as the LG revolution really turned me sour to LG phones… but the G2… is simply amazing. I love this phone. Other than the Verizon bloat ware, LG hit a home run with this phone.

  6. No “wow” factor… Decided to go for the Z2

    1. There is a no “wow” factor for the Z2 also…

  7. Cant wait for the next note that will hopefully be ip67

  8. /Yawn.. Move along there’s nothing to see here.

  9. this is actually pretty impressive phone but, its not enough to take me away from the note 3 and if the price is right on the gear 2 i might get that !!

  10. I’m gonna get the S5 because of the Gear fit

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