LG G2 on T-Mobile now receiving Android 4.4 KitKat over-the-air



It was last week Android 4.4 KitKat became officially arrived for the T-Mobile LG G2 but with a small caveat — it was only available via LG’s desktop tool. That means for a vast majority of users (you know, the less technical ones) a good portion of LG G2 owners had no idea an update was available, or even how to apply it in the first place.

No worries, the 147MB update to software version D80120a is now available over-the-air on T-Mobile. This means that everyone else finally gets to enjoy the latest Android dessert which, aside from bringing the new features introduced in Android 4.4.2 KitKat, promises a new auto-brightness setting as well as other user experience improvements.

The update is officially ready to be pulled onto devices right now, with a prompt notifying users of the update arriving on March 6th (and available up until March 25th). For those that don’t feel like waiting, you can manually check for the update by jumping into your Settings app, selecting the “General” tab, scrolling down and selecting About Phone, followed by Update Center > System Updates > Check Now.

After that, you’ll be on your way to enjoying the lightest version of Android yet and neat new features like KitKat’s “Immersive Mode” and more. For more on KiKat, check out our announcement post here.


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  1. While it’s hard to beat the ease of an OTA, LG’s desktop tool is extremely straightforward.

    Users shouldn’t be intimidated by it at all.

    Nice update, still no tap-to-pay via GOOGLE WALLET (blocked by T-MOBILE I assume). GOOGLE TV REMOTE app is broke as well (I/R BLASTER still works though).

    Otherwise, everything seems OK.

    1. “still no tap-to-pay via GOOGLE WALLET (blocked by T-MOBILE I assume)”

      Tap-to-pay works just fine on my T-Mobile One. If T-Mo is blocking it, they’re being inconsistent about it.

      1. Perhaps. Still says “UNAVAILABLE” on my G2 in the GOOGLE WALLET settings.

        I believe that was also the case (on my G2 anyway) before the upgrade from 4.2.2.

        Was blocked on my HTC ONE & NOTE 3 as well, in favor of the ISIS system.

        Not a biggie to me, the places to use in my area are virtually non-existent.

  2. Now we need some G Flex update love…

  3. Yo TMO, what’s up with the Note 3? No love for us?

    1. Im with you on that jfrov11, WTH Tmo! we have been waiting for the Note 3 to receive the KitKat update. this is BS!

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