HTC One’s KitKat update gets pulled in UK


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HTC One owners in the UK might be left scratching their heads after the Android 4.4 KitKat update was mysteriously pulled by the OEM due to “issues.” This is after the update began officially hitting handsets last week, and although no word on specific bugs was given, HTC did confirm the suspension via a response to an inquiry on Twitter.

HTC One KitKat update page UK

Those keeping a watchful eye on the manufacturer’s software updates page will notice KitKat is still listed as in its “integration” phase, still awaiting an official push to handsets. Any readers in the UK who have already updated and noticed any bugs? Anyone who’s received the update and everything still working hunky-dory?

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  1. Have noticed couple of glitches especially on open apps

  2. My battery life suffered, cleared the caches and seems to have helped but I have lost my swipe up for Google Now functionality, nothing happens upon swiping from the home button now.

  3. Yeah ive noticed its a little slower, even froze on me last night. Also when i swipe up for Google now my vibrate function goes berserk!

  4. Updated last night following being abroad for the past week. Seems fine so far (vodafone UK). Google now function works still however i very rarely use it.

    I have noticed a glitch or two with activating some filters in apps that use the camera.

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