Heads up: HTC is doing an AMA on Reddit tomorrow between 1:30pm – 3:00pm (PST)


HTC One blue 2

Whether you have any pressing questions you’d like to have answered, or are simply looking for a little insight from one of our personal favorite Android OEMs, HTC currently has an AMA (ask me anything) scheduled for tomorrow on Reddit. The AMA will be taking place between 1:30pm and 3:00pm (PST), and although we’re sure many of you have countless questions about the upcoming HTC M8 let us stop you right there — the phone hasn’t even been announced, so expect those questions to be glossed over with the typical “we have nothing to announce at this time” PR speak.

It’s not everyday you get the chance to talk directly with a company who makes your favorite products, so punch it into your calendars. For those that can’t make it, don’t worry. We’ll be keeping a close eye on things, bringing you anything interesting that might come up.


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I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Hey HTC why did you stop supporting MicroSD cards?

    1. Because there slow and pointless. Welcome to 2014 where we have cloud storage.

      1. Enjoy your HTC device as they will be closing their doors soon. RIP.

        1. I don’t own a HTC. But it looks like you should be enjoying your Samsung because that will be the only manufacturer using them

          1. Note 3’s a pretty powerful device. We could be left with much worse products that support Micro SD support. Samsung’s not too terrible of a mobile device maker. And I’d like to see how Micro SD support slows down flagship devices like the S4/Note3/Xperia Z…

            Cloud storage will never be as reliable as having your media and other files stored locally on your device.

      2. Really? We have unlimited, instant download, access from anywhere-at-anytime-no-matter-what, cloud storage?

        No, not really, you say? Then sd cards are not pointless.. and NO, they really don’t slow the performance of the device down in any significant manner.

        1. I can’t understand that statement. How in the world does it slow anything down. I’ve pulled up MKV files on my MX Media Player from my Micro SD card instantly. Huh?

      3. welcome to the world of rape prices on data

    2. I would really like it if people took the time to learn about different markets. HTC makes phones with micro SD card support.

      The Asian variant of the HTC One actually has a micro SD card. Why? Because that market DEMANDS it.

      What does this mean? Apparently there isn’t a large enough market demand for SD cards.

      Why do other OEMs do it? Because they want to tailor to the *rest* of the people in the market where micro SD card support is smaller.

      HTC isn’t going anywhere just because they didn’t add micro SD card support. The iPhone never had the support and they seemed to be doing just fine.

      1. If Samsung is selling their mobile device in this North American market VERY well with Micro SD support why would HTC not believe they could do the same? You have the HTC One with Micro SD support in Aisia that sells well, why wouldn’t that sell well in North America?

        1. Are Samsung devices main selling point in the North American market the removable media? (This may be less rhetorical than I realize)

          The phone could be selling well because it became a fad, or what’s the new in-thing in North America.

          Why don’t you take a quick look how the iPhone is doing in the Asian countries as opposed to North America.

          1. I’m not sure mobile devices coming from the likes of HTC or Samsung are a fad like the way the iPhone was a status symbol during its early years (it’s not any longer).

            I think consumers here in North America would appreciate an HTC One with expandable memory. But we wont truly know unless they would have provided that option at its initial launch. Honestly, if you were presented with an HTC One with expandable storage and one without which would you choose?

  2. Will ask
    Regarding Jason M’s promise of have 4.3 ready for the Sprint EVO 4g LTE ready by the end of Dec 2013, then moving it to Jan. with a mid Feb. “push to customers” date…at 48 hours away from the mid Feb mark….why does your update status page still listed in step two “integration”…?

  3. Can we get a g series phone with good specs, a decent removable battery, keyboard and more than 4 gigs of storage?

    1. I would love a full-QWERTY phone. My gosh!! I HATE software keyboards. =.[

  4. “LG’s next GPro is rocking a SD slot and *gasp* removable battery, making them a viable alternative to Samsung now for a LOT of people who care about actual features VS just ‘premium’ metal: Why doesn’t HTC want to succeed too?”

    1. DUDE! You are in the few minority. Get Google drive or dropbox, or, gasp, stop putting so much sh!t on your phone and live life! I’m so sick of the ‘removable battery and sd’ regurgitation. The average consumer does not need that much storage.

      1. MY SHIZZLE! If we were so few you wouldn’t be tired of hearing from us.

        1. No, I just frequent the same Android blogs that the power users do. Think about how many people use Android….1/7 of the world? Now think of the few same usernames you see bitch!ng about SD cards and removable batteries over and over, week after week. Does not compute. You’re a dying breed. Move out of 2011 and into 2014. Embrace technology.

          1. That’s just, like, your opinion, maaang. SD cards will stick around for quite a while because they’re CHEAP mass storage vs internal NAND and because unlimited data doesn’t exist for most people.

            Removable batteries will also stick around for a while longer (from manufacturers that want our business, like Samsung and LG), at least until graphine supercapacitor batteries can replace crappy lithium-ion.

          2. Removable batteries. Can’t stress enough what a lovely convenience that is. UGH! My battery has died. Time to wait for it to charge… OH WAIT! I can just swap it out with this fresh one! WINNING!

            UGH! The data coverage along this interstate is horrible! My kids can’t watch Netflix! OH WAIT! I can load up loads of entertainment on this 64GB Micro SD card and slid it into this Xperia tablet or Samsung tablet! WINNING!

          3. And yet those of you who wish to dispute our claims of why we still need expandable storage and removable batteries always resort to, essentially, name calling (“fossils” , “welcome to this century”, etc ).. BUT you can never actually deny our arguments, the chief of which is that “cloud” storage and computing just is not at a stage yet where it is truly acceptable.. There aren’t universal plans that are unlimited and affordable; data connections are not always readily available, and they definitely are not NEARLY as quick as accessing your sd card memory.

            Sorry, but in this case, the so called vocal minority is absolutely correct.

        2. *laughing*

          The vocal minority always thinks they are the majority.

          It’s so naive it’s almost cute.

      2. Sure we do. Games are getting bigger, screens are getting better. Audio fidelity is getting better.
        Games and movies and music take up space, and the cloud isn’t a very good option with the data caps. I want to keep my media on my device as much as possible. And I want a removable battery. HTC is floundering trying to copy Apple. Samsung and LG are making them obsolete.

        1. So much sense here. Why wouldn’t consumers want SUPREME control over their media and other data files on their devices and store them locally? Why be at the mercy to data coverage?

      3. The average consumer shouldn’t be a slave to cloud storage.

    2. What would you say to the phone like the Nexus 1 and HTC G2? Aluminum build, removable battery and SD card. =.3

      1. Those are bulky museum pieces. They don’t count.

    3. I wouldn’t consider those to be “actual features.” There are ways to charge a phone without a removable battery while on the go. Also the majority of the highend smartphone market doesn’t find said features a deal breaker so i don’t think you can associate sd card and removable battery with success. Will it help convert a few media heavy tech nerds? Sure. Will adding those features automatically success and turn their company profitable? No. Their biggest problem is their brand image.

  5. What timezone are you referencing?

    Because that is the time I’m on the bus from my internship to school. But I’m also in the Central Timezone and last I checked, you were in Cali, in the Pacific Timezone: 2 hours back. Meaning, I’d be at the internship. Not able to ask and do this for the first time. =.[

  6. Chris … there’s little point in providing a time for the event if you don’t provide a time-zone as well … there are 24 1:30 pms in the world … :)

    1. Weird, I swear I put (PST) in the body of the post. Gaaaaah… Fixed.

  7. This will be pacific standard time folks.

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