HTC M8 could feature a 5MP front facing camera for selfie addicts


HTC One Selfie

I’ve oft wondered how long it’d take for a smartphone manufacturer to up the resolution and quality of their front facing cameras. As someone who spends far too much time on Instagram, I’m forced to look at grainy, blurry, and horribly noisy images from ladies who insist on using their mediocre front facing cameras, simply so they can frame that perfect selfie.

With the upcoming HTC M8 (aka One Plus, One Two), HTC could usher in the age of the glorious high-resolution seflie. According to ROM developer @LlabTooFeR, HTC could be upgrading the front facing 2.1MP camera of the original HTC One to a whopping 5MP. I always thought Apple would be the first to go this route, but I have to admit, it’s definitely nice to see yet another Android OEM get the jump on them.

Of course, this is still unconfirmed mind you, but LlabTooFeR has a pretty good track record about this kinda stuff. Tell the ladies, the HTC M8 might be their pick for 2014.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I got my duckface poses ready!

    1. Your life sucks and you should move to a pond so you can die with your fellow ducks when the time comes.

        1. Henri is just an A hole, with no life, don’t even worry about that fool

          1. Classic Henry

      1. Dude your a butt hole for what you said to MITM

        1. I don’t know why I found it extremely funny that you said OP’s name.

          1. Because they should know why they are a butt

  2. Right, 4mp for the main camera and 5mp for the secondary!! Is it me or that sounds a little bit off?

    1. No lie, I was thinking the same thing. So if you want better photos for cropping, use your front camera. LoL!!

  3. Now that we have confirmation that the S5 will have a snapdragon 805, I fully expect the M8 to also have the 805. Pls HTC, I want to buy your phone.

    1. I know I want this phone too, but it has to be just right

    2. Exactly my thoughts!

    3. It won’t.

  4. Why not a front facing flash as well?

      1. aka HTC One+ 2 or HTC One Three

        1. LoL!! The first name; 1 + 2 = 3.

          1. HALF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMED

    1. This is actually a good idea for video chat assuming the led isn’t shining right in your eyes. With some devices, you have to turn on every light in the room to send a decent image.

      1. There is a Sony point and shoot that you point the flash at the ceiling that could work for that

  5. HTC actually gives you good hardware for the price you pay, that’s why I support them

  6. ugh.

  7. Chris I got your joke. If it was a joke!

  8. I’m pretty sure you can already get smartphones with quite good (in my opinion) 13MP cameras so how is this big news? Yeah so HTC are doing it, really look at this way if you could would you buy a $600 HTC whatever with current supposed specs or a Chinese phone of equal quality and similar internals for $350-$400 I really can’t understand why people still buy crap from the market leaders when clearly they are to confined to thier chair to see what the rest of the world has to offer and for the record I’m British/Irish not Chinese

    1. I’m guessing software updates?

    2. Solid build quality, warranty, reputation, etc. And most of all, availability

      1. Availability is certainly an issue for lower price, well-made Android devices (from for example China) in the US. It’s a pity that the US and European carriers and consumers won’t give some of them the chance they deserve. It could be a great break since consumers could buy a good Android device for significantly cheaper than the major players in the field like Samsung and HTC.

  9. I know its probably not small enough to put on the face of the phone but i cant wait till they can put an 8MP on the front and raise the rear to a nice even 12MP

    1. What.. Smart phone already have upwards of 13mp on the rear. Some with 20mp.

      1. Some with 40

  10. my&nbspbuddy’s&nbsphalf-sister&nbspΜ­­­­­­а­­­­­­κ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ѕ&nbsp$­­­­­­­­­­­62&nbspan&nbspհ­­­­­­օ­­­­­­υ­­­­­­r&nbspon&nbspthe&nbspl­­­­­­а­­­­­­р­­­­­­τ­­­­­­օ­­­­­­р.&nbspShe&nbsphas&nbspbeen&nbspwithout&nbspa&nbspј­­­­­օ­­­­­ƅ&nbspfor&nbspsix&nbspΜ­­­­­­օ­­­­­­ո­­­­­­τ­­­­­­հ­­­­­­ѕ&nbspbut&nbsplast&nbspΜ­­­­­­օ­­­­­­ո­­­­­­τ­­­­­­հ&nbspher&nbspр­­­­­­а­­­Уment&nbspwas&nbsp$­­­­­­­­­­­17492&nbspjust&nbspW­­­­­­օ­­­­­­r­­­­­­κing&nbspon&nbspthe&nbspl­­­­­­а­­­­­­р­­­­­­τ­­­­­­օ­­­­­­р&nbspfor&nbspa&nbspϜ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­W&nbspհ­­­­­­օ­­­­­­υ­­­­­­rs.&nbspread&nbspreview,…&nbspW&#87W&#46Profitbeatsnow2014greatfrlire4ct7svery&#x2E&#113&#114&#46&#110&#101&#116&#x2F&#109&#x4Bl&#106/

    ★★★ ★★⭥★ ★★★⭻★ ★★★I want to buy your phone.

  11. This is pretty good. It’ll help with Face Unlock and my use of Snapchat.

  12. How long before Google Glass has a detachable camera to appeal to selfie addicts?

  13. A BLUPhone has a 5mp front camera btw

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