Verizon’s Moto G now receiving Android 4.4.2 KitKat



We’ve been following the Moto G for quite sometime (ever since we discovered its trademark back in October). In our travels, we watched as the budget device launched on Verizon Wireless — for $100, no less — and with a promise that it would soon be receiving Android 4.4 KitKat. Today is that special day for Moto G users, as 4.4.2 KitKat is reportedly rolling out to the device.

This brings the Verizon Moto G up to speed with its GSM counterparts and users can expect the usual KitKat treats (improved phone dialer, photo editing, restyled status/navigation bars, etc.), along with Motorola’s recently updated apps available on Google Play. To manually check for the update, see instructions below.

  1. Touch Image
  2. Touch Settings
  3. Touch About phone
  4. Touch System updates

There’s just no denying the value in an off-contract device for $100, running on KitKat, and operating on Verizon’s superior wireless network. Anyone else enjoying their update?

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  1. This makes my Moto X sad. Congrats Moto G owners!

    1. Honestly, you’re not missing much, except perhaps trying out ART vs DALVIK.

      1. That’s not new. You can do that on 4.4 too

        1. My mistake, was thinking the X was on 4.3 for a moment.

          W/that said, anyone wanting an upgrade to KIT KAT from JB, & otherwise are satisfied w/their device(s), hang on to em’ until you really want another phone altogether, still not missing anything substantial.

          1. I keep reading about an Exchange issue that apparently 4.4.2 fixes. So I guess for those having that problem, this is a welcome update.

          2. Fair enough,that would be annoying as hell.Bring on the update already! ;-)

      2. And the terrible Bluetooth pairing problems that plauge my Samsung Galaxy S4 GPe and Nexus 5.

        1. BLUETOOTH issues definitely suck, I know 1st hand w/another nameless flagship. Bring on the updates!

          1. In all fairness I don’t own a Moto G, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Android 4.4.2 breaks Bluetooth on the Moto G like it did to my devices. My Samsung Galaxy S4 GPe on 4.4.2 reboots when I try pairing it with my car’s Bluetooth. Never had this issue with 4.4 or 4.4.1. I’m reading on Android Police that this bug affects a variety of devices.

          2. I have the GP EDITION w/4.4.2 & BLUETOOTH is fine. Blame VZW if this update breaks it.

          3. Here’s the article I’m referring to:


            I can’t shake a stick at AT&T for this one.

  2. This Would Be Perfect for My Mom But No 4G hmm

    1. If you have decent 3G & WI-FI coverage, I’d pull the trigger anyway. Most users outside of forums such as this one probably wouldn’t notice the difference anyway.

    2. 3G isn’t a whole lot slower than LTE on Verizon for me in DC, but it’s a major metro area. Haven’t left town and tried it out but it’s certainly servicable.

  3. Welcome to Bluetooth hell Moto G.

  4. My Moto X is still patiently waiting for this update so I can use native mail and calendar client for email. Thank god for Mailwise for sure.

  5. Just got my moto g today and it the update rolled out as soon as I opened it. I got 50gb of cloud storage for free for 2 years?? what!!! Its fast its updated its a for sure bargain and the build quality is good. I Know my ANroid versions 2.2-.4.4.2 this is NICE. as for 4G… Im on WIFI alot and i dont plan on using DATA unless im trapped somewhere that doesnt have wifi. I live in the city so IDK where that would be??? PEACE

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