Jan 31st, 2014

N2A Cards banner

Seems like it’s every other day we hear about a new Android device receiving their KitKat update, but would you believe Barnes & Noble’s line of Nook tablets can also partake in the latest Android confection? Okay, so not officially, but the fellas at N2A Cards might have the next best thing. Recently, they’ve updated their specialized plug-and-play SD card that gives the Nook Color, Nook Tablet, Nook HD, and Nook HD+ the ability to boot into stock Android 4.4 KitKat without all the bloat. Yum.

Of course, N2A Cards don’t come free. Preloaded micro SD cards with everything you need to get up and running with KitKat can be picked up on their site for $30. Given that most of us have a few SD card laying around, there’s also a downloadable version of their software offered at a discounted $20. Previous N2A customers get the best deal, with the update to KitKat setting them back a mere $10. Because it’s more or less like dual-booting, you can always return to the stock Barnes & Noble software where all the apps and media you’ve purchased will be waiting for you.

With access to a near stock Android 4.4 experience, KitKat might be exactly what the doctor ordered to breathe new life into the aging tablets. No reports on exactly how well KitKat runs on any of these tabs (technically, they’re running CyanogenMod), but with KitKat said to be lightest version of Android yet, we’re expecting good things. For a quick rundown of the painless installation process, check out the video below.

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