Official Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging S-View Flip Covers now available


Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging S-View Flip Cover

“Better late than never,” a famous idiom Samsung seems to be taking to heart when it comes to their smartphone accessories. You may remember it was only last month Samsung’s wireless charging S-View Flip Covers were made available for the Galaxy Note 3. Today, those same wireless charging cases are finally available for the Samsung Galaxy S4, and no sooner than a month or 2 before we expect the Samsung Galaxy S5 to be made official. Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging S-View Flip Cover open

The folio cases take advantage of Qi wireless charging technology, making them perfect for users looking to make a break from unsightly wires cluttering desks and nightstands. It’s one of the benefits of owning a Samsung device (removable battery covers), but don’t think for a second these are come cheap.

Currently the black and white versions can be purchased direct from Samsung for $70, or you can save a few bucks by going with Amazon (black: $55, white: $70). Links provided below.

[Samsung | Amazon]

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  1. Whoa!! Phone nerds sound off

  2. This should be included not an ass raping accessory.

  3. Do they almost have the wireless charging solution they said would be out within a couple months of the launch of the Galaxy S3? I’m starting to think they may have forgotten about that….

    1. seriously. S3 owners should have some class action against that. Part of my buying decision was exactly because of the promise of wireless charging. I know there were/are cheap ebay alternatives, but that’s not what we were promised.

  4. Does that price include the dock/charger? Haha

  5. As a mechanic I needed an otterbox defender for my Note 3. Would wireless charging be nice? hell yes. am i willing to let my $700+ device be in anything less then tank quality lol…nope. also to hell with paying that much. i paid $60 for my OB only because it paid for itself the 2nd day i had it. entire phone and belt clip combo fell off my belt as i was climbing over the passenger seat to get out of a customers car (drivers door doesnt open).

    Maybe one day OB can figure out how to make a wireless charging solution for the defender/commuter.


      This is the answer. Run the cord from the micro USB port and have the coil (the big flat part) sandwiched in between the rubbery part and the hard plastic shell. the rubbery part shouldn’t be so thick that the wireless charge can’t reach the coil.

      1. This particular coil works well,especially for the sealed/non-removable battery powered phones(LG G2, among others), & should work with the NOTE 3.
        However, there are coils/pads made specifically for the NOTE 3 that fit entirely under the battery cover w/o plugging in to the USB port. Most probably work equally well, but, I’d recommend the NILLKIN receiver pad,it’s slim, worked flawlessly on my NOTE 3 & comes w/a 1yr warranty.

        1. I have a S3 in a Otterbox Defender and have a wireless recharging receiver I picked up from Amazon under the stock battery door. Everything fit perfectly in the Defender and the wireless charging works great!

      2. I’m using a wireless charger with my S3 and an Otterbox defender. It works just fine. Only cost me $14 or something for the receiver that fits under the stock battery cover. I didn’t have to mod anything at all to make it fit in the Defender.

  6. Wireless charging Needs to come as standard on the S5.

  7. I’m glad qi came right away with my nexus 5. In the future, I won’t buy any other phone that doesn’t include it.

  8. Or how about I just buy a receiver off ebay to put under my current s view cover for a fraction of the cost. Plus my carbon fiber cover looks and feels better than the Samsung ones

  9. They should be giving them away being that the Galaxy Note 3’s are utter garbage in the charging department. I just bought 2 of them, less than 2 weeks ago and both charging ports were defective and won’t charge.

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