Leaked HTC M8 case reveals cutout for rumored fingerprint scanner or extra camera lens


We know we’re only a few short months away from the HTC One successor being announced, given the original was released almost a year ago, it only makes sense. That being said, leaks have already begun seeping from the woodwork.

HTC M8 case

The latest is an image of a 3rd party case — discovered by the boys at GottaBeMobile — made especially for the upcoming HTC M8 (HTC One 2, or whatever you want to call it). While not revealing too much, we can see an extra cutout, plain as day, sitting right above where the camera/LED flash would be. This confirms 1 of 2 rumors: the first being a possible fingerprint scanner, the second being the rumored extra camera lens for improved low light shooting. You’ll also notice the extra space for the LED flash alongside the camera, indicating the M8 might have a 2-stage flash, ala iPhone 5s.

We’re expecting the HTC One 2 (M8) to receive an official announcement somewhere in late February, with a release shortly after. It’s also possible we’ll learn more during MWC 2014, if HTC doesn’t provide a separate press event. We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Id go with fingerprint scanner, makes more sense.

  2. As long as they don’t screw it up like they did the Max, I’m down for utilizing the finger print scanner. But all in all, definitely not required IMO. A better camera is all I’d need with a bigger screen. But I don’t like the rounded edges at all.

  3. U WOT M8??

  4. The location of the fingerprint scanner on the One Max was kind of dubious. Very easy to mistakenly grease up your camera’s lens in that setup.

    To be honest, I think the whole fingerprint scanner thing is a fad. I guess iPhone 5S folks might disagree with me, but I’ve heard as the lens picks up scratches over time, it stops recognizing your fingerprints and has to be retaught, which seems like a pain.

    1. iPhone 5S has better placement of the scanner… you can just tap the home button and unlock your device w/ the scanner all with the device sitting on your desk. With a rear facing scanner you’d have to pick it up to do the unlock…

  5. What the phuck is with Phandroid and the audio ads that pop up if you leave phandroid as a tab on Chrome? Guess I won’t be doing that.

  6. A lot of goodies right there but still sticking with a Nexus.

  7. That looks like a really awkward place for a fingerprint scanner. And I feel unless they’re going to nail it this time, the fingerprint scanner is a waste of time and money.

    1. agree on both points

    2. Yeah, looks similar to the Atrix 4G, which I can vouch for being awkward (and useless).

    3. I do not think there will be a fingerprint scanner. The top one must be a High Mega Pixel camera which many were demanding for. Bottom one must be the HTC’s 4MP ultra pixel camera for low light situations. Probably, phone will have capability to auto select the camera depending on lighting condition of the scene and manual select option as well. I’m getting this phone for sure. My first smart phone! :D

    4. Lg g2 has power button in similar place. If this doesnt require swipe like on one max, only press like on iphone, i think it will be fine.

    5. Not an Apple fanboy. But they really nailed it with their placement of the fingerprint scanner.

  8. The horror, the horror! :'(

  9. This phone is on my radar for my next upgrade (March). Not hot on the fingerprint scanner idea, but if the rest of the phone is awesome, I can ignore it.

  10. What’s up with the off center opening on the bottom. USB port and something else?

    1. Correct. The current One has a USB port off center as well.

      1. Also, the power button up top and the extra cutout are pretty close…close enough to hit the power button with your index finger and then scan your fingerprint without having to move your finger much?
        Assuming that this is authentic, their decision to stick with the power button on top is a bit disappointing. Should have made it more ergonomic.

  11. I do not think there will be a fingerprint scanner. The top one must be a High Mega Pixel camera which many were demanding for. Bottom one must be the HTC’s 4MP ultra pixel camera for low light situations. Probably, phone will have capability to auto select the camera depending on lighting condition of the scene and manual select option as well.

  12. I’d say that extra hole is a secondary camera for 3d shooting capabilities because why would a leading edge company like htc make a simple mistake by putting a fingerprint scanner in a impractical. Location

    1. They did it on the Max, prolly do the same mistake again?

    2. 3D is dead. I’m sorry you had to find out like this.

    3. The same reason LG put the power and volume buttons in those same locations and look how that worked out…

  13. Hopefully the large hole is for a Xenon flash & camera, the small hole is a second mic, but no idea what the top round hole is for?

  14. My next phone!! I love my HTC One.

  15. Looks great! This also http://bit.ly/1eF7eyY

  16. I think we are pretty sure by now the M8 will be called hTC ONE+.. not that stupid hTC One 2, hTC TWO, etc.

    1. I would’ve been fine with HTC Two at least they would able to continue with the Three next. What will it be after that then? HTC ++?

      1. I have the HTC Two. I have the HTC Two, too!!

        IDK if I like that pun more than, “I have the One”. Sounds like something that can’t be matched.

        The name of this phone is really making me anxious.

        1. Agreed. Maybe they’ll do an Apple naming strategy and name it the one again and differentiate by generation.

    2. Huh… I’m confused. The timing of your post with the timing of this article (http://phandroid.com/2014/01/16/htc-oneplus-trademark/) confuses me.

  17. Poor button placement, no micro sd card slot, sealed battery, rotational instead of oscillating vibration motors. These are a few of the easily correctable issues that will result in me purchasing an S5.

    1. WHAT!? All this was revealed!? Tell me where you found this out!! Maybe they have more information on the device. =.D

    2. LMAO… the normal human eye doesnt pick up half the things this guy sees when looking at a picture of a mundane transparent case

      1. Button placement is obviously at the top. Micro sd card slot removal and sealed battery have been on previous generations and manufacturers rarely backtrack e.g. motorola, nexus line, etc. and the main reason for choosing a rotational vibration motor over an oscillating one is to save space (iPhone 4s v. iPhone 5). and since they already removed it before and now they’re adding another sensor (mystery sensor at top) they’re not going to make space for a larger albeit higher quality vibration motor. So it’s not so much your mundane eyes but your inferior powers of observation that won’t allow you to see what I see.

        1. yea ummm…. I still just see a mundane case


  18. there’s no way it is a fingerprint scanner… wrong shape, wrong size, wrong place

  19. camera button? trackpad for controlling phone from back similar to G2?

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