Jan 15th, 2014

CyanogenMod Installer iPhone

Cyanogen Inc. changed the game when they announced the release of the user-friendly CyanogenMod Installer. A desktop application that allowed for the quick and easy installation of the CyanogenMod custom ROM, it was a godsend for those looking to root their Android devices but didn’t want to risk bricking said device because of lack of know-how, or otherwise.

For many, this easy to use installer was a privilege reserved only for those with Windows-based PCs but today, all of  that changes with the official beta release of CyanogenMod Installer for Mac OSX. Simply connect your compatible device (full list linked below) and the CM Installer handles the rest for you. Keep in mind that in most cases, this will void your Android device’s warranty, and in all case wipe all your data clean.

For more info on the CyanogenMod Installer, hit up their Wiki page here where you can find a FAQ, as well as a full list of compatible devices. Just be careful, it is still in beta after all.

[CyanogenMod Installer | Download: CyanogenMod Installer for Mac OSX]

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