Jan 5th, 2014


If there is a company we are sure we will see at every single event, it has to be Parrot. These guys bring their quadcopters to every corner of the world, but today they have something a little special for us – the Parrot Mini Drone.

Form factor and features

This little guy is not like the awesome Parrot Drone 2.0, but it will be easier to take around. The whole quadcopter fits in the palm of your hand, making it a fun and simple toy for the kids (and adults).

To protect the device, Parrot has included 2 protective wheels. These can be removed for more fun, but be sure to have a good handle on it before you do that. Parrot does say they will be “affordable”, but they can’t be super cheap either.

One awesome feature is that the MiniDrone does not work only on WiFi. The user can opt for both Bluetooth and WiFi in order to control the flying copter.

Price and availability

Price and availability are still vague. All we know is that they will be “affordable” and will be released “this year”. I have to say, guys – I kinda want one!

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