Moto G pictured for Verizon Wireless, priced at $99 off-contract?


Moto G Verizon Wireless packaging
Despite a lack of 4G LTE, there’s still a few of you interested in the affordably priced Motorola Moto G. At $180 for the off-contract AT&T/T-Mobile/GSM model, really, you could do a whole lot worse.

Today, a Best Buy Mobile employee posted a picture of the Moto G in its Verizon packaging to his Google+ page. While there’s not particularly interesting in itself, the leaker goes onto mention that the device could arrive at only $99 (likely the 8GB model) off-contract. That’s a fairly nice discount over the GSM model.

Given there’s no way to verify this information, we’ll take it with a grain of salt. It’s entirely possible the employee was mistaken at left out a digit. Still, even with the device’s shortcomings, would any of you consider a Moto G on Verizon Wireless for only 100 bucks?

Thanks, Steve!


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  1. Doubt it will be under $100. Maybe $150.

    1. Picked one up yesterday for $99. Tried to activate it on pageplus to replace my iPhone. No Dice. Prepaid vzw phones banned from pageplus. Worse yet. Can’t even use pay as you go vzw plan, even though it shows it on back of package.

  2. Saw this myself. Its the 16 gb. They accidentally put it on the shelf early but wouldn’t let me buy it. Goes on sale the 9th. Maybe they will adjust the price back to 200 by then.

  3. I don’t wanna even think about 3g on Verizon again.

  4. You cannot activate this on the normal Verizon network anyway for 6 months. Any pre-paid phone must remain on an active prepaid account for 6 months before Verizon will let you activate it on their post-paid network.

    1. Why would you want to be on the post paid instead?

      1. Cheapish way to replace a broken phone if no insurance.

    2. I have activated the verizon prepaid Cosmos right out of the package onto a contract account with no problem. But it is not a smartphone.

  5. Could it be used on a verizon contract line?

    1. In the past the answer generally has been no. A possible way around this is to purchase the device and change the MEID on your lines on their website to see if it will take. YMMV with the last option.

  6. Seems they are subsidizing the
    device even though it’s off-contract. Of course if they make you pair
    it with a data plan that’s beyond your needs, they get the difference
    back in two to three months.

  7. Verizon has the most expensive prepaid service and no lte . Also, their antique 3g network is only 1/3 as fast as tmobile and at&t. They could give you the phone for free and still rip you off even on prepaid.

  8. I would have to call bullshit. The price Moto is charging $179/$199, probably has a razor thin profit margin as it is. I don’t see an almost 50% additional discount, with no contract.

    1. The price is deff real. Ik it for a fact

      1. Then Verizon is selling an off contract phone at a loss and further proves their unwise business operating practises. Although, since phones on Verizon can’t really easily swap to another carrier, I guess they make up the loss on the phone, with their over priced service.

        1. Its not really off-contract. Its pre-paid. And worse yet, it’s verizon pre-paid.

          1. Pre-Paid IS off-contract. If you don’t sign a contract for service it’s off-contract.

            Also, what do you mean by “worse yet”?

          2. Sorry.I said it wrong. I wanted to say its it reallyreally not a prepaid phone because its locked to Verizon. Knowing Verizon, its locked down enough to stop a person from using it on IQ. A prepaid phone on a GSM MVNO can be unlocked if necessary and used on another MVNO, even on At&t or Tmobiles network. That’s why it’s $99.

            Verizon is still paying a portion to get it down enough to entice month to month types to move over to verizon.

      2. Well your facts are wrong. It’s at my local best buy in Stafford Virginia for $99.

        1. Did you tell me my facts are wrong when I agreed the price was 99? And you then clearly stated that the price you also saw was 99?

  9. This would be really smart of Verizon if its true, most of the other prepaid phones avalible are old and junky.

  10. I want to activate it on PagePlus. It’s cheaper then Verizon.

    1. wtf is PagePlus?

      1. Verizon MVNO.

      2. With $30 per month service

    2. can’t activate prepaid phones with PagePlus. not anymore atleast.

    3. Tried today. No luck.

  11. This should be on STRAIGHT TALK/NET 10. only two pre paid wireless have unlimited data.

  12. For 99 bucks and if it can be used without activating then I am all over this to play with.

  13. I’m setting several family members up with this phone

  14. I’m guessing Verizon can do this because, unlike the GSM model, you can’t just unlock it and take it somewhere else. They are planning on bending you over on their terrible plans.

    1. Yep!

  15. My guess its lack of LTE makes it worthless to Verizon

  16. It’s true. Best Buy in Stafford VA has them on the shelf for $99.

  17. I’m just going to buy one and put it in Straight Talk. Or IQ Cellular. Has anybody heard about IQ?

  18. Leave it to Verizon to bastardise everything good about the device

  19. From previous experience, the prepaid phones on Verizon aren’t unlocked and must be activated on a prepaid line for at least 6 months before they can be ported to a post paid line.

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