Dec 19th, 2013

Vine for Android 1.3.1 update

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Gingerbread still accounts for almost a quarter of active Android devices still in the wild. This is something Vine has taken into consideration with their latest update, now available on Google Play. While Vine finally welcomes Gingerbread users into the fold, it comes with a pretty big caveat.

Apparently due to hardware limitations found in most Gingerbread devices, the app doesn’t actually allow users to record/upload their own content, merely view it from their devices for a good time. Something tells us — no matter how many disclaimers the put in the app — this isn’t going to go over very well with Android users still running Gingerbread hardware.

We can’t help but wonder if it would have been a better idea to continuing blocking Gingerbread users, or make a completely new app (titled Vine Viewer or something along those lines) rather than offer a severely handicapped experience. What do you guys think?

Download on Google Play: Vine for Android