Dec 18th, 2013

Motorola Contextual Services screenshot

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing Motorola release more and more of their applications in the Google Play Store. Apps like the stock Motorola camera, Touchless Control, and Motorola Assist to name a few — all core apps made available in the Play Store as a way of sidestepping carriers and their infamously slow update processes.

Today, Motorola Contextual Services adds to the list, acting as a sort of Google Play Services only exclusively for Motorola devices. The brains behind device features like Touchless Control or Motorola Assist, Motorola warns that uninstalling the app could break functionality of the apps that rely on Contextual Services for sleep and driving detection, or meeting times. Take note.

In the update, now available on Google Play, Motorola Contextual Services adds “Bluetooth driving detection” to Driving Assist for the Motorola Moto X, Motorola DROID Ultra, Motorola DROID Maxx, and Motorola DROID Mini. Have at it, folks.

Download on Google Play: Motorola Contextual Services

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