Black HTC One Max headed for Hong Kong, when will it arrive in the states?


HTC One Max black Hong Kong

The HTC One Max is everything you love about the HTC One only bigger. When it was first announced, we had a good feeling HTC was planning to release additional colors for the device at a later date (as they so often do). Guess our hunch was right, as an all new black HTC One Max has just been unveiled over on HTC Hong Kong’s product page.

Global availability for the black version is still up in the air at this point, but if history has taught us anything, it’s that we can expect a full gamut of colors will arrive in the very near future. Word on the street is a red version is already headed for Taiwan

[HTC Hong Kong | via Unwired View]

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  1. That thing is big and black!!

    1. Just like what you like deep inside you.

      1. Sure buddy

    2. Calm down.

  2. who cares, bring on the m8 :)

  3. Who cares. HTC One 2 will be a beast.

    1. People with Tmo Jump. My jump comes in January. I’d love to use this phone then by time the HTC One 2 comes out, I’d be able to jump to it.

      Other than that, you’re right. It’s really no real reason to get this phone.

      Though I’m saddened the HTC One Max isn’t on Tmo. =.[

  4. this needs to come to ATT, I’m tired of waiting

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    1. I feel like that’s your referral link so you can get that extra little space for referring people. LoL!! Pretty sneaky.

      But I got the Box promotion and have 50GB of cloud space. However, I don’t think Box has an auto-upload feature. Hmm…

  6. compared to its direct competitor, the galaxy note 3, HTC One Max has the advantage of having front speakers and its design is more elegant, but note3 sells better

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