Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Android console now shipping, but will it succeed at $250?


Mad Catz MOJO-00908

Mad Catz is now shipping its newly-released M.O.J.O. Android console . The unit is great as an Android console and comes with some awesome features (learn more about it in our hands-on post), but does its superiority over consoles like OUYA and the GameStick make it worth $250?

What is better about the Mad Catz M.O.J.O.?

Though expensive, the Mad Catz M.O.J.O. is, in fact, about the best Android console around. My favorite feature is that it supports the full Google Play Store, making your gaming capabilities virtually endless. You can take all your current games and play them on your TV. The ecosystem is not a “walled garden” and any game can be had.

The unit also has some great specs: Mad Catz MOJO-00910

  • NVIDIA Tegra 4 T40S 1.8GHz Processor
  • 16GB Internal Storage
  • 2GB RAM
  • Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n Support
  • Bluetooth v2.1 + 4.0 Support
  • USB 3.0 Port
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • MicroSD Flash Slot
  • HDMI Out
  • 3.5mm Headphone Socket
  • 100Mbit Ethernet Socket

This comes with all the components you would expect an Android device to have, save for the screen. The microSD slot will ensure you have enough storage space for all your gaming. Bluetooth and USB support also help with that, as well as giving you the ability to use other controllers, keyboards and/or mice. Hell, you can even use the controller to play games with your smartphone on-the-go. A clip to hold your device is sold separately.

Is all of that worth $250?

The Mad Catz M.O.J.O. is a stunning Android console, but we have a hard time believing it is really worth that much. That is the same price as the Tegra Shield, which has very good specs. The Shield may not have all the ports, but it has a screen and is pretty much a full-featured tablet.

To make things much more impressive, $250 is awfully close to the price of a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360. It’s hard to justify buying an Android console for the same price as a full console. Especially with other Android consoles are going for $100 or less.

Mad Catz MOJO-00911

Is this any better than buying a Nexus 7 and a bluetooth controller? For some people, probably, but I don’t think this console will really take off. There are way too many options at the same price point (and lower) that make for a better set-up to most users.

Regardless, those of you who find the device feasible can purchase it right now! It is available straight from Mad Catz’ website.

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  1. fail. Android games aren’t worth having a console that expensive.

    1. You have to take into account that android games are much cheaper than xbox or playstation games. The average android games are no more expensive than 5 USD, but the average playstation game is about 50 USD. Microsoft and Sony can afford to sell their consoles at a loss because they have licensing fees, which is why console games are so expensive in comparison to the PC version (or at least they used to be in the past).

      1. but in comparison, hardcore android games are scarce

        1. That is true unfortunately. Even the best Gameloft game pales in comparison to triple A console games, and a lot of the best android games are tailored towards touch screen control instead of controllers.

          1. honestly when nvidia reveal their project shield i was hoping for more premium games with better content heading to android. in term of hardware capabilities current top SoC are already better than what’s inside 3DS and PS Vita (though both console still have their low level access as an advantage). porting PS3 or Vita tittle is possible right now just like this one:


            but when talking about android gaming most people expect it to be cheap or free.

          2. check out the onlive app. it has some GREAT titles but nobody would spend that much money on games for their phone, even if it is console quality

          3. I’m sure the titles are great, but it’s a streaming service. I for one don’t mind since I have 10,000GB of data, LoL!!

            However, the service is only good if you have good enough data speeds and no worries about reaching some cap, or fast home WiFi.

            This may be why people aren’t buying. If you’re just going to play at home, you may just get the console and not have to worry about connecting your phone and stuff.

      2. Yeah, I took that into comparison, but still. The ratio of game cost to console cost for this console would put a PS4 up to $3K. Both MS and Sony make a tiny profit on their current gen consoles. Why buy this android console when you can get a Ouya for $99?

        And what happens when in 3-6 month they release a new and improved one and drop support for the older one? At least a PS3/PS4 Xbox 360/One has around a 10+ year life and continues to get supported. I look no further than my Vizio Co-Star GTV – they moved on to a new model, and don’t develop for it anymore (where’s my jellybean vizio?). Happens all the time with phones/tables… I guess you can say ARM systems, since they have new and improved stuff so often.

        If someone wants a gaming system, they should buy one, not an android throw away system and not for $250.

  2. nexus 5 + slimport + moga pro. I’ll pass

  3. I have been waiting on this thing since it was announced back in August. in fact, MadCatz did not want to confirm which processor they were going to use until near release…but a Tegra 4? at least give me a SD 800 for my $250..all this wait and now…wow…I don’t even think I want it….

    1. i thought the device was expected to use tegra chip since the first story comes out but back then it isn’t confirmed to use T3 or T4 and later confirmed to use T4. anyway you won’t find SD 800 based device for under 300 unsubsidized. this device is made purely for gaming so the choice to use nvidia tegra might have something to do with it since nvidia have good relation with game developer.

      1. it may have been expected. but MadCatz did not mention any chip to due the fact that it may be obselete once it releases. Additionally, I do agree with T4 for gaming..even on original nexus 7, when it came to apps and navigating through the tablet, T3 was very laggy, but when it came to games i.e. Dead trigger, it was smooth(at least in my experiences)

        1. The laggy interface of the original Nexus 7 was caused by the i/o and not the processor, which is why performance in gaming was not affected.

        2. the problem is the mobile SoC cycle is very fast right now. most top end SoC become ‘obsolete’ in a year. but if you really look at it now what android games out there able to bog down tegra 4 or SD800? the only problem i see right now is phone manufacturer are obsessed to put unnecessarily high resolution on their phone or tablet just to win the spec race

  4. For a console? Meh. As a media computer or a lightweight PC? Awesome.

    1. Yes. That’s a great idea actually. Something like Bluestacks except up-to-date. A device that can dual-boot Windows (Or your preferred OS) and Android. That I would get. Play those simple Android games when you want and then use a computer for the other times.

      They need a tablet like this. One that has some type of HDMI-out. My gosh!! That would be the BEST device.

      I hope this happens with these new chips showing early support for x64 software.

  5. Will it run BF4 @ 1080 in 64-player Paracel Storm? No? Then is worthless (at least for me, there are others out there who think Angry Birds is the most hardcore game ever created…).

  6. why would you launch something like this without atleast android 4.3 on it….

    1. so in 3 months they can sell a revised one with a better chipset and newer android :p

    2. Because the Tegra4 doesn’t support OpenGL ES 3.0 anyway, so what other advantages are there to having 4.3 on it?

      1. OpenGL ES 3.0 is not the only improvement 4.3 have over previous built


          Ok, let me know what other features there are going to be useful for a device operating as a dedicated game console.

  7. Is all of that worth $250?

    1. You and these pictures though. LoL!!

      1. Amuses me at work lol

  8. Not with a Wii U priced at just $50 more.

  9. @$250? Definitely not worth it. 16 GB of internal storage when consoles now days provide 120 GB and up? My Xbox 360 S has 250 GB with a massive line of great titles. My Xbox One Day One Edition came with 500 GB with great developers jumping on board. The PS4 is dominating as well. The delopment of new consoles this late in the game will need to be a powerhouse that takes the industry to the next level. However, if it is cheap there will be a market for it. Just not me.

    1. Anything with an arm will be outdated in 3-6 months. Then bye bye support. If people want a gaming console they should buy a real one that has at least a 10+ years life with actual support and games.

      I love android, but not for gaming. It just doesn’t make any logical sense to throw away $250 on this.

      1. Exactly! These next gen consoles were created to only advance through the years as developers learn the ends and outs. The extra money spent on “real one” is well worth it for the quality and features.

  10. I think I like. F the haters. One device for all my web & android needs. Plus controlors and all G Play apps on the big screen. I’m in if it works w/ little or no flaws. But then I am a tech/gadget junkie :)

    1. It would make sense, but at that price you can just get a Nexus 7 2nd Gen.

      Though I like your way of thinking. Just having the tech is always satisfying. LoL!!

      1. Ur right, but I already have the 1st gen n7 plus chromecast, OG RAZR Maxx and a PC that I use chromwe browser.
        I just would like the dedicated console for gaming & play store on ththe big screen.
        I’m already trying to keepkeep myself from buying the new n7 & also jumpingnship to the n5. … To many toys I want arrgh!!!!

        1. Interesting. I’ve been hearing mixed things about Chromecast. Can you cast games onto your TV? If so, then I’ll pick up a Chromecast. I really wish the Nexus 7 1st Gen had some type of TV out. That would be my Android console right there.

          And you’re right. They even announced the Sony Google Edition phone and I’m all like “That’s the best device for me. I wouldn’t need a tablet.”

          Tech buying is such an expensive habit. =.[

          1. No playing games on the chromecast. Its basically a media hub that frees your tablet or phone so you can keep using the tablet or phone while the cast does the work. Play music, netflix, hulu and a few other apps work as of now. For $35 it is cheap enuff that I enjoy it. Plus I used a 25% off coupon at Staples for mine so it was a good deal. I totally recommend it as it is at a good price point.
            Tech gadgets is def the wrong hobby for my income :)

          2. Ah… Then it seems my Nexus 7 1st Gen won’t be having any type of TV-out for gaming anytime soon.

            *thinks about investing in the 2nd Gen*

  11. I think the big problem is that they overpriced their controller by about 50.00, it retails for 79.99 which is insane. Drop the price of the controller and its a 199 device.

    Thats really where this should have been priced, imho

  12. I’m sorry, but Android Consoles are just dumb. Get a phone with some type of MHL out, or better yet, pick up a Nexus 7 2nd Gen and you got yourself a console AND a tablet.

    I’m sorry, but unless the consoles are like $50, then they’re really isn’t a point to pick them up. Unless you ballin’ like that and can just get it for the convenience of not having to always use your phone. Then again, it STILL would be a smarter option to just get a Nexus 7 2nd Gen for that purpose. I’m sorry, but these will fail.

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