Dec 8th, 2013


I mentioned quite some time back that I’m sick and tired of putting ROMs on my device, and that I’m going to stick to Google and let them take care of me completely by buying only Nexus. The greatest benefit of the transition that I see is the simplicity and comfort of getting the updates that I want.

For those who do like to install custom ROMs, the process has never been the greatest. Personally, as someone who lives in a part of the World where the internet speeds aren’t the greatest and even broadband ISPs put a cap on your download limit, repeatedly updating to the latest version of what I was running wasn’t something I made sure to do religiously.

However, if you are on Omni ROM, we’ve got some good news for you. In a blog post, the Omni team have stated that they will now be using Chainfire’s OpenDelta system to provide updates for nightly builds. This means that instead of repeatedly downloading 100+ MBs, you would now be looking at much smaller “.delta” packets via an Android client (with support to chain multiple delta updates, in case you missed a few in a row). You can also set the Android client to automatically download the updates based on your preferences.


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