Anchorman’s Scotchy Scotch Toss game now available


Are you a fan of the legendary Anchorman Ron Burgundy? He is easily one of the funniest comedians on TV and now you can enjoy his crazy style with an Android game. Scotchy Scotch Toss brings Burgundy’s raw fun to your smartphone by mixing his two favorite things: “Scotch, and playful exchanges with total strangers.”

scotchy-scotch-tossThe game is simple and fun. You get to toss ice at a scotch glass while Ron Burgundy makes fun of your lack of skills. He will also give you some (kind of) good comments when you succeed, though. By the way – yes, he does speak to you in the game. The app comes with 300 Ron Burgundy lines, recorded by Will Ferrel himself.

“Hey, did you know that “app” is short for “appetite?” Because you’re always hungry for more….. I’m sorry, I don’t know what “app” means, but what I do know is this is a top shelf quality product.

A true treasure of mobile gaming, “Scotchy Scotch Toss” has the detailed craftsmanship worthy of exhibition in the yet-to-be-built Burgundy Library in Washington D.C.” – Ron Burgundy

Gameplay resembles your usual swipe and toss format. You swipe up and throw the ice at the scotch glass; simple and fun for your downtime. There are 4 different locations and even a 2-player mode.

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  1. Dec. 18 can’t come fast enough ( release date of Anchorman 2 ). Stay Classy ;)

  2. Side note: Does it bother anyone else that the guys involved with Anchorman 2 are over selling themselves? I mean, marketing is marketing and promotion is necessary, but I can’t help but think they’re overcompensating for something. I fear that the movie might not actually be as good as we’re hoping.

    1. Typically overhyped movies = crappy movies. Hoping that’s not the case for A2.

      1. I agree w/ both you guys. It’s like they are going wayyyyyy overboard w/ marketing on this movie. I’m a BIG Anchorman fan so I hope it’s not a bust, but they have huge shoes to fill w/ the success the first movie had. *crosses fingers*

  3. No mention of price. $1. Sure Ron is funny, but I’m not going to invest into an app I’ll only use one time.

  4. I’d get it for free, but I’m not going to pay $1 for what’s basically an ad for a movie. I will, however, go see the movie. :)

  5. ya i’d never pay for that…

  6. Ron Burgundy isn’t a comedian, he’s an anchorman.

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