Samsung pulls Android 4.3 update for some Galaxy devices due to bugs


Samsung Galaxy S4 TouchWiz

Over the weekend, reports began to emerge that AT&T had begun rolling out Android 4.3 over-the-air for the Samsung Galaxy S4. This came only a few weeks after Samsung began pushing out Android 4.3 to their previous flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S3 (international variant).

It looks like issues Galaxy devices might be experiencing from the update have caused Samsung to temporarily halt their Android 4.3 rollout for a few of their Galaxy devices, Galaxy S3 and S4 included. After S3 users began reporting everything from screen freezes, to abnormal battery drain and wireless issues, the folks at SamMobile reached out to Samsung UK for a statement. Here’s what Samsung had to say:

“As we are currently investigating the reported issues with Galaxy S3 4.3 Jelly Bean update, the upgrading service has been temporarily suspended. We are committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience, and will ensure to resume the upgrading service at the earliest possibility.”

While this statement pertained only to the international Samsung Galaxy S3, it appears that similar issues found in the Galaxy S4 after receiving its Android 4.3 upgrade have forced Samsung to pull its update as well. According to sources, the update for the S4 too has been suspended, leaving the exact timing for Android 4.3 on Samsung Galaxy devices hanging in the balance.

Anyone update their S4 to 4.3 before it was pulled? Experiencing any issues?


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  1. Shortly after receiving 4.3 on my S4, with Verizon, I experience the same issues

  2. My verizon gs4 was running perfect until this update.. It backfired ..psh

    1. Did you factory reset? I’ve been reading that it fixes a lot of issues. Just make sure to backup all your stuff first.

      1. Like it or not,this cures most bugs (if a cache wipe in recovery doesn’t fix things first).Strange how people are so averse to it,yet,will install a totally new OS w/o question.

        Data back-ups are akin to riding a bicycle after 2 or 3 resets,no biggie…….

        1. Do you even know what UPGRADE means?

          1. Enlighten us all why don’t you…..

          2. This is a problem Google needs to do something about. An upgrade means just that, upgrade. unfortunately with Android as it is now, upgrade means install update and wipe the device and start over. I love Android but that is ridiculous. Could you imagine having to format a Windows PC because you installed a service pack? :(

          3. It is Samsung in this case, not Google, causing the issues. Samsung insists that they have to design their software certain ways for features, however this causes them fits with updates and such too.

        2. Factory resets are not fixing the issue for the S3. Just have a look in the forum. If a factory reset would have fixed the problem Samsung wouldn’t have pulled the update. It’s a disgrace that a company as big as Samsung can’t develop a rom that’s as stable as one developed by some guy in his basement.

          1. Fair enough,no argument there.Doesn’t hurt to try,as results of the update are all over the place,good,bad & everything in between.
            I’ll go along w/what others have stated regarding updates in general,that the option should exist to revert back w/o having to visit a carrier/etc…

          2. I agree. My Blackberry I was able to roll back easily after an official update. And that phone sucked lol.

    2. Verizon S4 working great here. What kind of problems are you having?

  3. my sprint S4 is working great with the update

  4. Are they giving some way to downgrade the device? I mean it would be a quite unpleasant experience for users to be forced to use the update in the meantime.

    1. No. They tell you to take it or send it to a service center.

  5. My AT&T S4 has been a champ with the new update. No more lag and battery life has been stellar. Has not been buggy either.

  6. Thanks for posting this Chris. We need as much coverage of thIs as possible.


  8. I wish I could get 4.3 on my S3 with Verizon….

  9. So done with Samsung

    They have enough money to release 60 phones a year and advertise the hell out of them but not enough to hire a few more developers to get 4.3 ready in a timely fashion? It shouldn’t take a year and a half for a new version.

    I mean if Cyanogenmod could do it for FREE and absolutely no documentation for Exynos (I’m looking at you Note II) a year ago, what the hell is Samsung doing? It’s insulting.

  10. Verizon car chargers do not work anymore and battery drain is about 20% per hour. Verizon replaced battery saying mine dropped 12% on 10 minute call which standard is 6-7%. Store claimed and update or new chargers would be given out. I believe update before they will give out new car chargers.

  11. I get a security warning every 5 minutes to do with knox apparently any public wifi I connect to is unstable and my battery life has halved. I recently got the S4 from an iPhone and now my galaxy has more problems than that did

    1. Yeah, KNOX and the “unstable wifi” warning are especially annoying… on my Note 3.

      Save me Cyanogen…

  12. 4.3 update broke the Wifi on my S4 – couldn’t switch it on at all, Knox warnings all over the shop. Back to custom ROMs it is. Poor.

  13. skipping the samsung 4.3 update totally…waiting for 4.4 custom roms for my metropcs all gsm G4 (60 dollars total including taxes and fees- with unlimited 4g GSM LTE

  14. I have 4.3 on my S4 and have no issues at all. lucky me!
    edit: verizon


  16. i am not able to see date on my lockscreen under the clock and also date is not showing in notification panel and in personal message setting….please help

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