Nov 13th, 2013

With the Nexus 5 coming and going on Google Play, we’d be willing to guess that more than a few of you purchased the phone as an early Christmas gift to yourself. Whether you already received yours or are still waiting for your shipment to arrive, you’re probably going to want to protect your new investment with a case.

Back when the phone first launched, we showed you the (overpriced) official OEM accessories available from the Play Store. If those were a little too rich for your blood, you’ve probably been exploring 3rd party options. No worries, we did the same. The case we decided to give a spin was this slim case (SGP10560) from the boys at Spigen.

SPIGEN Nexus 5 case featured

First off, this case comes in a variety of colors and finishes, but only the black model features a near identical soft touch finish (SF) to the Nexus 5. It’s not rubbery and wont pull your pockets inside out when slipping it out. It feels silky. Almost like some kind of organic lambskin.

After slipping the case on the Nexus 5, you’ll notice the tops and bottoms of the phone are left relatively unprotected. This is common in slim hard shell cases. The case is a little bulkier than we’d like, but we suppose the added thickness should help with small drops.

The main issue we have with the case is the sharp edges along the tops and bottom. When I hold my phone, I prop it up with my pinky to keep it from slipping downward. This was incredibly uncomfortable for me using this case, but depending on how you hold your phone, your results may very.


Overall we were pleased with the design of the case. The color and finish blend in perfectly with the Nexus 5. The best part is Spigen includes a bonus screen protector to keep the front of your phone protected as well. Trust me, it’s not a throw away. You’ll want to use it (I already have a long scratch on my display). You can find Spigen’s slim case for the Nexus 5 for $10 with Prime shipping via the link below.

Amazon link: Spigen Slim Case for Nexus 5

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