Slickdeals releases Black Friday app, gets you ready for shopping battle



When it comes to deals, Slickdeals is one of the best communities we can find online. The site’s information and deal details are powered by the community, which includes well over a million registered users. Now if you are looking for a good resource during your Black Friday shopping, there is not much better than the Slick Deals Black Friday app.

The new app is simple and clean… not to mention slick. It comes with everything you can expect out of a Black Friday app: ad scans and even offline are just the beginning of the list. You can simply download the data and use it wherever you go.

You also get notifications when new ad scans are added, so you won’t be late to the party. Of course, you can also filter by category or store. If you have a Slickdeals account you can also sign in and create a shopping list!

You can download the app straight from the Google Play Store. We would recommend at least checking it out if you plan to go shopping during Thanksgiving night. I like the app and plan to buy a few things on Black Friday, so I will be using this one. Will you?

[Google Play Store]

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  1. I will be getting this app.

    I am not afraid to admit that I will take something that’s laying on the floor if it’s been unsupervised for 30 seconds.

    Them Black Friday deals are just so crazy. That impulse buying.

  2. Thanks! I’ll be downloading.

  3. Does anyone know if Google Play will observe Black Friday?

    All I really want is a Nexus 10. :D

    1. If I remember correctly, don’t they usually discount a number of apps? Or was that leading up to the holidays?

      1. I don’t recall even really looking last year, because I was in the middle of moving so broke. Like this year. Ugh. Cheap apps would be nice if there are any I want, but I really hope they’ll include all sections of the Play store, most particularly devices but I’d splurge a little on their book and TV & movies section if they chose to have sales.

  4. Dear Black Friday,



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