Nov 11th, 2013

The holidays are coming up and before you know it, you’ll be scrambling for last minute gift ideas that don’t let off that “bought at the last second” stench. If you’ve got a cold climate sports fan in your life, you might want to check out Takha, a product that recently launched on Kickstarter.


I’ll be honest: I think it looks a bit silly. If it fastened around your waist rather than over your neck like a smartphone bib, that’d be an immediate improvement. But with all the smartphone gloves out there (ex: SmarTouch Gloves) and devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that work fine with winter gloves, the audience for Takha might be limited. But I also think it makes a heckuva novelty gift, a category widely pursued over the holidays as shoppers look for something – anything – that is unique.


With only 8 backers, $426, and over $24,000 left to collect in 25 days, Takha is looking like a long shot. Maybe, just maybe, some of you will be the reason their holiday dreams come true. Unfortunately, you won’t be fulfilling any holiday dreams yourself: the Takha won’t be ready to ship until February 2014:

The Tahka is heart-shaped; making it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, the orders will be delivered by February. The Tahka is the perfect gift for a loved one, keep their heart as warm as their hands..

If you’re interested, don’t let this stop you as you can always print out a picture of the Kickstarter page and let your gift recipient know you’ve already pledged on their behalf. Valentine’s day seems like an awkward tie-in and the company seem to be missing the mark with a heart shaped product.

The real opportunity would be to have custom designed Takha’s with team inspired colors. After all, it’s no surprise that NFL Quarterbacks already use a similar product, albeit without the clear smartphone window. If they took this marketing approach and had them ready by the holiday shopping season, I think that $25,000 would have been achievable. Now? Well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for them.

The Takha will be available in a number of different colors and fabrics if it sees the light of day, but all versions claim the following:

  • Safety Knit – Prevents cold air from getting inside the TAHKA
  • Protection – 100% waterproof nylon
  • Warmth – Lightweight Thermal insulation
  • Clear Vision – High quality clear plastic covered with anti fog layer
  • Comfort – Cozy and Soft Polar Fleece

Any chance you’ll be pledging on the Takha Kickstarter in hopes of nailing down a gift or two? Feel free to share some of your own gift ideas in the comments!