Expensive Nexus 5 cases hit the Play Store, are you buying?


Nexus 5 bumper case

Also hitting the Google Play Store this afternoon were a variety of OEM cases for the Nexus 5. Apple is often mocked around Android parts for offering expensive accessories, and it looks like Google is following in their footsteps. Jumping onto the Google Play Store you’ll find bumper and flip cases for the Nexus 5, in a good range of colors.

Nexus 5 Bumper case

More of a full case than a “bumper”, LG’s bumper cases retails for $35 and comes in black, gray, red and yellow color options. The material seems to be TPU in nature, but Google claims they’re hard on the outside, soft and rubbery on the inside. We’ll need to get a hands on to judge for ourselves if they’re worth the steep price tag.

Nexus 5 Quickcover case

There’s also LG’s specially made “QuickCover”, not unlike the one made popular in Samsung devices. The flip cover features a plastic that covers the entire back and sides of the device, with a soft velvety flap to keep the screen safe when in a purse or gym bag. Available in both gray and white, these guys will set you back a cool $50. Google ain’t playing.

Links to the case have been provided below, just keep in mind they aren’t available yet and still listed as coming soon. Anyone pick one of these up with their Nexus 5 today, or did you find a better 3rd party option?

[Nexus 5 Bumper case | Nexus 5 QuickCover]

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  1. But they say nexus on them……………………………………………..LOL

    1. ………………………………………………………………………………. !

  2. When I clicked on the cases initially, they were listed as “coming soon.” Then I checked with Cruzer Lite and found they already have N5 cases ready to go. Since I am a giant Cruzer Lite fanboi, it made for an easy choice.

  3. Dang, $50? Nope, I’m ebaying straight from China, lol. $5, nbd.

    1. Did it yesterday myself, and got it for $3.50 TPU. Search TPU nexus 5, and you should find it.

  4. I just ordered a Spigen Neo-Hybrid for $20 on Amazon for mine…..

  5. Nope. Went with a caseology slim fit.

  6. This is one clean phone.

  7. Ordered mine from china yesterday. TPU, 3 bucks, FTW!

    But, from the USA you can still get a TPU on ebay for $7, or Amazon has this rearth ringke hybrid for $10:

  8. Literally laughed out loud when I saw $34.99. I ordered my $8 ringke case from amazon, same brand I’ve had on my N4, and I’ll be good. Can’t be serious with that price, Google.

  9. Spigen off Amazon for me.

  10. spigen

    1. Until Ottertbox comes out with something.

      1. Unless they’ve changed a whole lot, otterbox have always looke incredibly bulky/ hideous to me. Im just putting it in my pocket, not climbing everest with it.

        1. Fair enough, but for my part I’m outdoors camping and hiking fairly often, so I appreciate the extra protection. Bulky, yes, but not as bulky or fuggly as some of the other cases you’ll find on Amazon.

          But I did order a Spigen to have something here when my phone arrives – who knows, I might just stick with that.

      2. I am not a fan of otterbox at all. Its hideous and bulky. I usually get the bumper style or something siline

    2. Agreed, the Spigen cases look really really nice for the N5. Mine for my G2 arrived today, really nice bit of kit.

  11. they have to make money some way off these devices.. lol

  12. Just say no to over priced cases that are not really needed with Gor Glass 3 and None glassback

  13. I feel like such a mark, but when I saw that bright red case my first thought was if they released one with the android kit kat logo on it I’d probably buy it.

  14. The cases are way tooooo overpriced… although that yellow bumper looks sick!

  15. I bought the red leaether case iphone5 for my wife it was complitely ruin after a week thanks apple this time i bought a nexus 5 and i will get the plastic bumper in red too.

  16. rubber is rubber (or silicone). wait for the $5 chinese versions coming soon.

  17. Having gotten a white one, I want a REAL bumper, just the sides to give it a 3-color look. Most likely candidate: red

  18. I ordered the Diztronic TPU case for $10 here: It’s also on Amazon. I should add I use the Diztronic TPU case currently on my Galaxy Nexus and it seems to work rather well. Next I’ll have to wait for Armor Suit to make a screen protector for the Nexus 5…

  19. Bought a $7 with free shipping from eBay. Looks decent. No way I’m paying $35 for a phone case unless it’s bomb proof and water proof.

    1. For the waterproof, I’m thinking Liquipel’s waterproofing…..

  20. Way too expensive. Though I may wait a bit for the third party cases. Or at least until people and review them (just so I know they will fit).

    1. I’d definitely just recommend getting a TPU on Ebay for $7, or from china for $3.

  21. Looks nice, but way too expensive.

  22. If I was getting a Nexus 5 (god damn Verizon) I’d rock a Cruzerlite case as all my devices do.

    1. I am going to be giving up unlimited data for this phone.

      1. I did the same… as of Thursday I’m saying goodbye to Verizon…

        “Hey Verizon, can you hear me now??”

  23. I’ll be going the Amazon route as they have ones with a clear back to show off NEXUS. I’ll also check what eBay holds.

  24. Would be interested if i’m in the market for a new phone. But this thing could cost 500-600 off contract in my country. My sister got her Nexus 4 for 500

  25. My immediate thought was the same as when I saw the 2013 Nexus 7 case prices and when the Nexus charging orb launched: “F**k no. You must be kidding me.”

  26. Those cases look really good, but those prices are a bit crazy.

  27. If you’ve never checked out the Cruzerlite Nexus cases you owe it to yourself to do so. Less than $13 and they’re the best cases on the market, with subtle Android branding as a unique and classy bonus.

    1. Best comment on this topic ever.

  28. What about alternative flip covers? Maybe less expensive that 50 bucks Lg one…

  29. Spigen cases look pretty good and they are all less than 30 dollars, but No I didnt buy a nexus case for mine as these look much better

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