Hangouts for iOS gets Google Voice integration, can now make calls over WiFi or cellular data (no SIM required)


Hangouts iOS update

Phandroids. Don’t freak out now, but Hangouts for iOS just got a major update in the App Store. Before you get all up in arms, just rest easy in knowing that it will soon come to Android. Feeling better? Okay, good. Let’s get into what’s new.

Hangouts for iOS now gives users the ability to make free phone calls (US and Canada only) using their Google Voice numbers — no SIM card required. That’s right, calls will be made using WiFi or cellular data, freeing up your voice minutes and leaving you free to try and figure out what the hell you’re doing with your current voice plan. Using an iPad? No problem. iPod? Call whoever you’d like. It’s on the house. Normally, using Google Voice to make a call would still use your voice minutes, as the service would act as a middleman calling both parties. But this. This changes everything.

Us Androids need not feel left out, Google’s Vic Gundotra promises we’ll soon be “happy” like iOS users too. The only thing missing now is the ability to use Hangouts to send Google Voice SMS messages, which we’re sure will arrive in the sweet near future. Oh, yeah, there was also something about GIFs, Hangouts gradually turning down music volume when you receive a call, yada, yada….. FREE PHONE CALLS!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Those isheep fools get this first?!?!

    1. it’s probably only because Google is saving the hangouts update for the Nexus 5/KitKat release. No point in letting iOS users wait for that….don’t be a hater and just be happy for them.

  2. I feel like this is some BS!!! Why aren’t we getting this first. When was it the last time Apple did anything for Android other then taking them to court. BS!!! I am getting tiered of this crap from Google. One day there will be another OS to kick Google in the face and I will laugh.

    1. I mean, firsties doesn’t really matter much to me as long as we get it soon, which we will.

      There are a lot of Google apps that suck on iOS, and some that aren’t available. Have you seen Google Voice? Think of this update as iOS’ Google Voice update.

      1. I know what you mean but I just want us to be first. Apple did nothing good for anyone ever. All they do is sue everyone. I hope this crashes all their phones and wipes their data and bricks their phones. Shortly after that I hope their phones blow up.

        1. They have the second greatest amount of market share in the mobile industry. That’s reason enough.

          Apple creates great products for their own platforms. Google develops cross platform. They’re two different development philosophies and they both work well in their own way.

          Also, Samsung isn’t exactly innocent of any wrongdoing if you want to get into lawsuits.

        2. You seriously want people to get seriously injured just because they use a different cellphone than you?

          You need help.

        3. Ya LOL hiring 10’s of thousands is way easy overrated.

        4. I hate apple too but u don’t think their user base should suffer. It was apple who sued Samsung, not the users

          1. They should all fry for eating the forbidden fruit

    2. Google is concerned with giving their services the greatest amount of reach possible. Almost all of their services are completely cross platform, be it Windows, OS X, Linux, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, iOS, Android, etc.

      Who cares if iOS gets it first? Do you have a hissy fit at the grocery store when someone gets into line before you? It’s obviously going to drop with 4.4, so just wait a week or two.

    3. Are you OK? Seriously?

    4. Go home wrceuro, you’re drunk.

    5. I’m waiting for Sailfish

  3. Let them have it first. They can all hate us when we get the next Nexus, instead of having to camp out in front of a completely unnecessary storefront for days in order to receive a minimally updated status symbol.

    1. Not everyone who uses an iOS device camps out in front of a store to get it. They’re not going to hate you for getting your Nexus, some people prefer iOS. Enjoy your Nexus.

      1. LOL no doubt! It’s an inanimate object!


          1. What’s a,”youre”?

          2. Fixed, jeez i was cleaning my fish tank and typed this with wet hands

          3. Haha! That is some SERIOUS multi tasking!

      2. No, but they will look at him with his Nexus and say “oh you have the Droid?” or “oh you have the Galaxy”, and that’s the worst

      3. Oh, right. I completely forgot the rest of the iOS users: The elderly parents of Android users. “Here dad, here is a dumbed down phone that you’ll never have to call me for help using. Enjoy.”

  4. Guys, before you freak out you need to understand that Hangouts still kinda sucks on iOS. The app closes when you’re not in it, suffers from tons of loading, doesn’t have the cool gesture swype to go back to conversation view. It’s dumb.

    1. Off with Google’s He…!!…oh wait, we’re not freaking out…. Well in that case, a bit of useful information, for those of us locked into Verizon Plans, they still have a nationwide 300 plan that you can only get into by calling them. I just went from 450 to 300 minutes… it only saves $5, but that’s $60 I can use this year, and if Google is allowing free calling now through hangouts, then I definitely don’t need 450 minutes

      1. Wow, pretty sweet. Especially given Verizon’s large LTE footprint. Should be covered with data just about everywhere.

    2. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce updated apps for both platforms at the Play event.

    3. in all fairness… it also sucks on Android.

      1. I use it daily and like it. Never noticed any problems.

        1. Other than being painfully slow, fattening up a simple IM client, plastering every photo you share or gets shared to you onto the internet for Google search results taking away your privacy… Yeah, it’s great.


  6. Stupid question.. does that mean you can make long distance calls for free then? Any limitations on that, if that is the case?

    1. There isn’t really a concept of “long-distance” when you’re talking about the internet. A call is a call. Unless you’re Skype. :P

      1. But if you’re using the internet to connect to a normal phone number it does

    2. US and Canada are free, though there isn’t really long distance across the US on cell phones anyways.

    3. Thanks guys. That’s what I figured. Although, being Canadian, I didn’t realize that there was no long distance in the US on a US cell phone.

  7. Free for now, but someone will have to pay eventually

    1. A couple ads? I’m okay with that.

  8. Google abandoned us, bros


      1. I can see it now! -5years ahed- “Does it run on Android? Android? oh that abandonware crap? no!”

        (Keep in mind I love android. was just making a joke)

        1. 5 years from now

          “Hey, remember Android?”
          “Oh yeah, that OS Google created than abandoned for iOS. Whatever happened to that?”


          1. Chris what’s happening here is very big. You can see the tension and the hate people have towards Apple. It’s like a big balloon that has been waiting to blow. What Google just did was blow that balloon up. Now you hear the noise. I know Google is not going to abandon Android it’s just that we want the great things first. I think we deserve that. After all, if it wasn’t for us the Android users they would not be where they are today. Wow I never knew my hate for Apple was so deep and profound. Haha

          2. In all honesty, I never really knew why Android was so hard pressed to get their apps on Apple. Wouldn’t they sell more Android phones if iPhone people didn’t have Maps, Hangouts, YouTube, Google Search,Chrome etc. It seems like they could crush apple by not having some big apps on there like the Maps and YouTube, for example. Not the Google way? Or do they do it because cross-platform is important to keep the Android people they have?

          3. Google sells ads. That’s how they make their money. Android phones certainly give them an easy “in” to people’s attention in order to show them ads, but they would lose out on a ton of money if they ignored other platforms. Google wants you to use their apps and their searches and they don’t really care how you do it and where you do it from, as long as you Google.

          4. That makes sense, thanks for the reply!

  9. Google is Androids false friend.
    I love android period if Google doesn’t bring android to the top someone else will. Forked android amazon cyanogen mod. Android has the ability to be a pc much better than chrome os but Google is holding it back. Android Inc. created android not Google. Google advertises well just like Apple who whitewashes people’s brains. Android will eventually have a life all its own. Keep hiring jerkoffs who favor apple Google you will create better traitors. Android will prevail in some shape or form no matter which company is behind it because it is a revolutionary os. Ouya may fail but the idea of an android game system will not. Keep trying to sell more hardware Sony Microsoft. You Should all Live in fear because android is Coming!

  10. Kevin Krause approves

  11. A guy on another site mentioned releasing the Nexus 5 as a tablet, then you can just pay for data. I’d really like for this to happen.

    That would prettymuch be the first step towards Google Mobile.

    1. I don’t get the distinction.

      You can buy it outright anyway and if this is true, just get a data-only plan. Why is a tablet notation needed?

      1. Because the carrier recognizes it as a phone and won’t allow you to just get data. Folks have tried, myself included. The only oddball device I think you can pull it off on is the Galaxy Note 8 from what I can tell.

        1. T-Mobile $30 prepaid plan. Done deal

  12. meh, I have 700 anytime minutes per month, and the most I’ve used is around 200.

  13. Cool update.. but can you just give me my god damn Nexus 5 already..Google?!

  14. See the big picture Google might get its ass kicked by a forked android phone like Amazon or Facebook phone because they want to be liberal and help Apple’s platform. I had an interview to do mapping for Google maps through adecco and was appauled that the maps project lead was an ifanboy. I was so disheartened that the maps department at Google in nyc looked more like an apple store than Google. Who do you hire Google your Employees don’t even take pride in the company they work for. I never got the job and later wrote a letter to Larry page about it who never responded to me. That wasn’t a big surprise I wound up taking a job with another company as a Network Administrator. Google approach to China’s hack on their servers is to ban all Ms Oses and instead of using only Google Chrome os allow ichoads to use macs but ban windows instead of hardening the os and removing unnecessary services and really solving the problem.

    1. That made no sense at all and you just look like the normal Google hater troll

      Just because you irrationally hate Apple and OS X doesn’t mean all Android fans and Google also irrationally hate the company

  15. This exactly why I gave up on Google and Android

    1. Please expound on why you gave up on Google and Android because of Hangouts in iOS being updates before Android. I don’t see any reason here why you would.

      The app on iOS still sucks, especially because it closes every time you’re not in the app. Google is waiting for the announcement of 4.4 KitKat to talk about/release the new update to Hangouts, and I can assure you it’ll be far better than the iOS version.

      You’re a troll.. aren’t ya.

      1. Android has become a bit stale for me and giving iOS first dibs on first party Google apps pushes it even more. Im just bored in general and just want a phone that “just works” and my XZR does just that. I don’t really care if Sony updates it to KK. I’ve had Android since 09 with the G1 so I’m anything but a troll

        1. iOS may get first dibs, but it won’t be as great or as integrated as it will be on Android.

          You just contradicted yourself. You care apparently about getting first dibs on updates from Google apps, yet you don’t care if an OEM updates your phone to the latest and greatest version.

          If you want something that “just works,” here ya go.

          1. To get the latest version of apps you don’t need the latest version of Android. There’s a difference. Also I had a bit to drink so i might not make sense. I’ll catch up in the morning.

          2. Well, maybe that’s why you’re bored with Android in general, because you’re not getting updates for firmware. Also, to be bored with Android is funny, cause you can do almost anything in terms of customization with it. If anything, iOS is gonna be worse. Just sayin’

          3. Nah, I’ve had the G1 and all the Nexi minus the the N4. Stock Android has been the way to go and that includes CM and AOKP. KK and the N5 look promising though. I used to spend hours customizing my screens. I guess I’m taking a break hehe.

  16. Even if I gave up on Google I’d never give up android it’s open and free like a Linux project and with the right mind can succeed with or without Google unlike Ios which will die with apple because it is closed. Good Riddance. Plenty of competition without it anyway.

    1. Hate to break it to ya… But I don’t see apple going anywhere they still make billions lol

  17. Holy crap!!!!!!!
    There are some serious morons who comment on this stuff…….
    I am thankful for a good laugh, but come on. The world isn’t going to end because Apple got an app first.

    1. Google and Apple are clearly merging Android with iOS…. this is only the beginning fellas…. only the beginning

      1. Takes dolly and wheels crazy person back to his institution.

    2. The world won’t end but if you are an android developer, taking risks in the hope that Google would have your back and do what it takes to make its own platform succeed, this is not fun to hear.

  18. Think about cyanogen mod Inc was just formed. Miui is hiring disgruntled android developers. The ignorant public loves Kindle which is a forked android device. One Linux distribution like redhat has spawned hundreds of other distros. Sure maybe no great forked android exists yet. But android is the os of the future. Trust me.

    1. why do they have to be ignorant

      1. Because of the attempt by Amazon to create their own locked garden, and we all know that’s a bad idea, good thing is you can fix that by rooting and using a custom ROM, but the ignorant public doesn’t know about that

        1. a lot of people seem to confuse lack of knowledge with lack of caring. The general public doesn’t care about any of those things…. the general public doesnt care about locked gardens….

  19. Oh yes and Samsung thinking of creating it’s own os? Original os? I think not how about another forked android version?

    1. Actually, they already are creating their own, and it’s not a fork:

  20. iPad Mini 2 will not feature Touch ID / Finger Print Scanner as per the image leaked.

    1. What the hell are you speaking about ?

      1. No fingerprint scanner for iPad Mini 2! What the heck?

        1. Who cares ? We’re talking about Hangouts here.

          1. i thought we are discussing technology here :P

          2. No, we’re talking about Hangouts. No one cares about your crapple.

  21. “The only thing missing now is the ability to use Hangouts to send Google Voice SMS messages” MMS. I know what you meant but you might want to change it for the other readers.

    So will they suck everyone into using Hangouts to make calls and finally pull the free air time so they can charge us? I can see them doing this if the service becomes popular and is being used a lot. It’s slightly shady but I’d have a hard time faulting them. I’ll love Google no matter what. :)

    1. He actually may have meant SMS. Right now Hangouts can only text chat with other hangouts users. GV SMS would allow a person to use Hangouts to text non-hangouts users via their Google Number.

    2. I agree, they will always say its just for their users because they are so nice. However, right now its because they want g+ / hangouts to take down twitter. The second they deem it didn’t work they will change terms and charge. Google has this freak about g+/hangout and making it bigger then twitter for some time now and will do anything to get it to work, including free calls it seems..

    3. I’m pretty sure he meant SMS, since he mentioned doing it from Hangouts. But yes, Google Voice is still missing MMS capability as well.

  22. This must be a US thing only, Canadians were never permitted to sign up for a Google voice number.

  23. Hey guys, it looks like Google is doing something more with Voice, I can now access the Google Voice dashboard from Poland! I don’t see any option to register for the number or make calls, but I can see the history (empty of course) and top up the account, so maybe it’s coming to other countries :)

  24. To all the people complaining about the iPhone getting it first…

    The team developing the iOS version isn’t the team developing the Android version. Additionally, Google doesn’t know how long it will take to get their app through the App Store.

    So it’s not that surprising they’d release to the App Store first since they could easily update the Play Store whenever they wished.

    1. Who is charge of the teams? It just doesn’t look good for Google when it’s own OS gets #2 treatment

    2. Joe no offense but yea it is surprising if a billion dollar co releases a new update on another plateform first. Its weird, period.

  25. This is going to make so many people switch to Tmobile ‘s $30 plan… Including me. Peace out VERIZON.

    1. I was worried about the 100 minutes when I switched and was going to try to use some third party VoIP. After my first three months were all under 100 minutes without doing anything different I realized it didn’t matter. This just makes it even easier. I make a ton of calls too. They’re just all really short.

      1. where is this $30/month plan? Can’t find it on T-Mobile’s site. Cheapest unlimited plan seems to be $50. Really interested in the $30 option.


          It’s only on the prepaid site. You’ll need to buy a prepaid sim card and when you go active it, the $30 plan will show up.

  26. What is the difference between a VoIp call and a a normal video call with hangouts without camera ? both use Wifi or cellular data right ? is the only difference is the integration with you phone number ?

    1. I think the difference here is instead of connecting with another hangouts user, you can initiate a phone call with anyone with a phone number with the US and Canada.

  27. It irritates me a little when they get Google products first. Google can still reach everyone by giving to both platforms at the same time. Or even making them wait later. But I’m not in the executives in Google headquarters mind.

    I just don’t believe YOUR platform should be SECOND to receive YOUR product.

    Sounds Assbackwards to me.

    1. I agree almost completely, the only thing that I think differently on was your last point…to me, it sounds ssAsdrawkcab.

    2. its the google motto

      everything is backwards

  28. Which version is this? I just reinstalled Hangouts on my iPod Touch 5th gen, and the version no is I see no options to dial a number, even though I’m signed in with my google account that’s linked to my google voice number. I don’t see the phone icon either, so I can get to the dialer.

    Perhaps they’re only rolling this out slowly?

    1. We want android to succeed and Google makes it harder to come up with reasons to choose it over ios

      1. Best reason will always exist. Equal or better features for 1/2 the cost.

  29. Beware carriers. This, right here, is the beginning of the end for you all.

    1. Exactly. As soon as Google’s Fiber system is rolled out, we’ll see Google wireless start up. Then BAM, nirvana.

  30. At least this points to full Gvoice integration very soon for both platforms. Loving it.

  31. Just going to take a stab in the dark here but I am guessing Google is on the verge of merging Google Voice into Hangouts……. TADA…… Babel!

    Apple minions are just testing it.

  32. So, to don’t get mad I’ll take this as a isheep are the beta user, otherwise WTF Google?

  33. according to Kevin apple has IP for Google hangout

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  35. I installed this on my sister’s iPhone last night. (I’ve been trying to get her to switch to Android, but she’s a trendy college girl, whatever.) It’s pretty slick. Can’t wait to get this on the Android side.

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