Dell announces Venue 7 and 8 tablets – prices start at only $150, but are they worth it?



Dell hasn’t been successful in the Android device market, but for some reason they are simply not giving up! The computer giant has just announced a couple of Android tablets along with two other Windows 8.1 slates. All come with reasonable prices and Dell’s ‘Venue’ branding.

On the Android side we have the Dell Venue 7 and Venue 8 with modest specs. They both come with a 1280x800p display, Android 4.2.2 and a 2GHz dual-core Intel Z2580 processor. Each comes with their obvious screen size: 7 and 8 inches. The Venue 7 only has a 16 GB option, though, while the Venue 8 has both 16 and 32 GB alternatives. Both have microSD card slots, though, so you shouldn’t be caught without storage space.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 2.15.44 PM

As mentioned in the title, these are also priced modestly. The Venue 7 will cost only $150 while the Venue 8 will cost only $30 more ($180). It’s not a bad price at all, but it’s hard for Dell to compete against tablets like the Nexus 7 with great specs and only a slightly higher price.

What do you guys say? Would you trust Dell with your next Android tablet?

[via Engadget]

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  1. No they aren’t worth it… u can get a real tablet like a Windows RT or an iPad 3rd Gen

    1. What are you drunk or something?

      1. They are better tablets than the Venue… with better support at that. But of course the “Thumbs Down army” disagrees…

        1. Yes, but you did see the price on the Venue 7 and 8 though? Both are under $200. They look pretty good for their price.

        2. but those tablets costs you triple for what this device can offer…

        3. Not for $180.

    2. What is “real” about a Surface RT? o_O

    3. So you think their prices are too high for these tablets, then? That’s what the “worth it” is asking.

      I think these tablets are worth it for what they’re offering. You get lower end specs, you pay a lower end price.

    4. That’s like saying a Corolla isn’t worth it because you can get a Ferrari.

      1. Please never compare a Microsoft or Apple product to a Ferrari.

        1. It does make sense as a comparison once you think about it. The Surface RT and iPad are both expensive “boutique” devices, with limited capability compared to other tablets. This is just like how a Ferrari is an expensive “boutique” car that can’t carry more than two passengers, guzzles down fuel, and may experience spontaneous combustion at one point. The Surface, iPad, and Ferrari all have their attractions, but they don’t replace Good Old Reliable.

  2. Dell has been good with updates and they said 4.4 is coming for this. Both their Streaks got at least one major upgrade. I’m putting my faith in Hisense for my Sero 7 Pro with 4.3 I say give them a chance. They are pricing it good.

  3. at least they have better specs and price point than the samsung tab series!!!

  4. I wish Google would make an 8 inch tablet. It kills me that they don’t.

    1. Just say no to copying apple.

      1. That doesn’t make sense. Why not? Should Google not make tablets or sell music because apple did it first? I think 8 inch is a far superior size.

  5. Looks like stock Android in the pic. Anyone know if that’s what will be on what ships? I might pick one up for myself. I really haven’t been able to justify spending a couple hundred on a tablet but I might do it for $150 (for a name brand with stock Android). Christmas is coming up, too, so maybe I’ll order a couple.

    1. If Dell ever tries to put their crappy UI again, it will just be another disappointment and embarrassment.

  6. For that price point I’d definitely consider it. I haven’t seen any spotless views on the new Nexus so these can make a run for that price point.

  7. These look like China knocked off knock offs.

  8. I’ve had a few laptops and desktop CPU’s from dell, and even the Ones that where supposedly “high end” where complete garbage and there tech support is atrocious. I can’t comment on the tablets but Dells other products have left a bad taste in my mouth. No thanks, I’ll stick with a nexus

  9. In speed tests that I have read about this CPU is much slower than the SnapDragon 800.

    Not sure if thats true but it would be very cool to know. Also anyone have any idea why they would just such a low res screen on a new product? That just did not make sense.
    I see no HDMI out when traveling can be very helpful!! My tablet is currently the Amazon HDX after they root the OS load jellybean and Google Play.

  10. Has anyone tried loading Windows (or Linux with WINE) on one of these Intel tablets or phones?

    1. funny you ask that. I think there is the same kind of tablet with a version of windows on it. Not sure what the price is

      1. It’s a version of the Venue 8 with a different chipset and Windows 8 for $300.

  11. Hard to give Dell my money these days.

  12. It has Intel, I would buy a dual boot windows version

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