Oct 1st, 2013


Mobile broadband startup FreedomPop made some waves in the wireless industry back when they announced the $40 OverdrivePro, a mobile hotspot that gave users 500MB of free 4G data on Sprint’s network — for life. It was disruptive, crazy, and perhaps that’s why they managed to raise a cool $16 million to get off the ground.

Today, FreedomPop is back again, announcing their all new wireless cellphone service that looks to take on pricey carrier plans. FreedomPop gives customers 500MB of data, 500 text messages, and 200 voice minutes free. For life. The catch? You’ll have to live with the now ancient HTC EVO Design 4G which will run you $100 (refurbished). It’s the only option currently available. While all of this might sound like a tough pill to swallow, keep in mind this could make a great option for those that aren’t heavy cellphone users (the young or elderly). Also, there are additional plans for more talks and datas.

  • $8 a month – 500 minutes of talk, unlimited text messages, 500MB of data
  • $11 a month – unlimited talk, unlimited text messages, 500MB of data

The most interesting part is how FreedomPop was able to offer such low prices for service. While the company operates on Sprint’s network (another caveat), they route all calls and SMS messages through the data network, leaving Sprint’s voice network untouched. Also, because FreedomPop’s specially provisioned EVO Design 4G isn’t capable of accessing LTE, you’ll be stuck to Sprint’s spotty WiMAX network.

FreedomPop does mention that they have plans to add high-end LTE devices on their network in the near future, so it’s something to keep an eye on if you’re looking for a device a little . As for me? I think I might pick up the EVO Design, and slip it into my 8-year old cousin’s backpack for emergency situations. Can’t go wrong with free.


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