Newly discovered Google Glass patent shows Google toying with more fashionable designs



While us Android nerds can all agree that while Glass is pretty darn awesome in function (and potential), it’s still is very much an eyesore when worn on the face as intended. Aside from its (likely) steep price point, the main deciding factor on those debating whether or not they’ll pick up Google’s face-wearable for themselves is what level of stupid they’ll look while wearing it.

We’ve heard previously that Google still has plans for prescription-friendly Google Glass, but weren’t sure if this meant Glass would come pre-mounted on frames, or via an attachment. Today, a newly discovered Google patent filed back in March of 2012 is giving us a better idea of what we might expect from Glass once the device is finally “retail ready” — a few of which include compatibility for prescription lenses.

Google Glass prescription patent designs.jpg

In the patent we see Google toying with the idea of a more traditional glasses look. The 2 variations in particular show a design that splits up the camera module and display on each side of the frames, while another embeds a peephole camera directly into the center of the frames. While not quite as dorky looking as the prototypes we see out and about today, the added bulk of 2 separate modules seems more like pre-production designs that never made it off the cutting room floor.

As we’ve seen today, Google’s engineering team managed to fit both the display and camera into the same unit. That means we’re likely to see a design more like the image of the wooly beard-man we see above. Less bulk. More streamlined.

Google Glass patent figure 12

One of the biggest issues we’ve had with Glass was its poor battery life, addressed in another design featuring double batteries behind each ear (instead of just one like we see today). Google Glass Maxx, anyone? There’s quite a few design schematics, one showing Glass almost exactly as it is today. One thing is clear, Google had a lot of ideas when it came to Glass’ design. The real question is whether or not we’ll ever see these put into action.

[USPTO | via Engadget]

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  1. They really need to have a universal-fit Google Glass, so it can fit on any glasses/sunglasses. Top it off with being water resistant (so it won’t get ruined in the rain), and they will have my money.

    1. I’m not wearing glasses my self YET, but I work with computers – A LOT… I can expect my eyes will give up at some point so having universal fit will be awesome… I’m with you on this one…

      1. Mine already have, thank god for contact lenses.

  2. I hope so. most people dont want to pay $300 for a chastity belt for their face. they should just buy Oakley and be set

    1. lol some of them aren’t bad

    2. Bwahaha nice. That being said, to be honest, my Oakleys can’t be beat for running glasses. I was having issues with some non-sport type sunglasses running in the winter and was going by a local running store. Out of frustration I dropped in and asked if they had anything that would help and they had some Oakleys that had a coating to repel water (iridium ones or something) so I bought them. They are lightweight, repel water, resist a good extent the fogging up (open breathable sides help with that) and they don’t bounce around or feel like anything is on when I’m running. I didn’t pick them as a status symbol and never would with sunglasses, but they are perfect for running.

  3. Hmm… What’s the point of a detachable Google Glass piece? I mean you wouldn’t wear the glasses on your face if you don’t need them.

    Well… I guess it would be good for those that have prescription lenses.

  4. This would be great for some sunglasses

  5. I still fail to see how a pair of 50’s nerd glasses are considered to be more fashionable. Unless this place is being run by hipsters?

    1. I was literally thinking this last night before i even read this article!!!!

    2. Where I come from, being really smart, even if you may be ‘nerdy,’ fat and just not attractive, means you get to marry a beautiful woman and have lots of kids.

  6. I was JUST thinking about how i havent heard about Google Glass in awhile and thought it might be dead.. Guess not?

  7. I asked a question on the Glass Explorer forums about what Google was planning to do with Glass aesthetics and they said they had posted some stuff about it on their Glass Google Plus page, which I couldn’t find (but I didn’t look hard). But I’m sure it’s there.

  8. I like the rugged idea. Make this to be worn on most glasses and I’m sold. Wearing while road tripping or doing things like white water or mountain biking would be awesome. GoPro with Google. I can get behind that.

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