[Rumor] Sony’s camera lens accessories to cost $250-$450


sony lens champagne

Confession time: I’m really, really excited about the Sony camera lens accessories that we’ve been hearing so much of recently. I am sick of the fact that no Android device has been able to come out with a camera that really rivals the Lumia 920/1020 or even close to them, particularly in the case of low-light performance.

The biggest question for the lenses has been the price point. If Sony Alpha Rumors is to be believed (and they seem quite confident about it), you should be able to pick up the QX10 for $250 and the QX100 for $450. Considering the QX10 has the same sensor as the $450 Sony Cybershot Wx150 while the QX100 has the same as the $750 RX100M II, they look like good value for money.

Sony Alpha Rumors also has some more information regarding the two lenses, including a “champagne” color option, pictured above and the fact that it would be called the “SmartShot”, a combination of “Smartphone” and “Cybershot”. They would also have Optical Image Stabilization, and should work with any Android or iOS device via an app.

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[Sony Alpha Rumors]

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  1. Seriously? A point-n-shoot costs half the price.

    1. The RX100 MkII is much more than $450, sir. This is priced correctly. It’s for photographers. It’s not for shooting your friends in bars or the dinner you’re about to eat. It’s for real image quality. Photographers many times drop a small prime lens in their jacket pocket for possible use. This item is no different and might even be smaller. Don’t think every item created is for you. You are not the intended audience.

      1. I use DSLR’s. I don’t use cheap point-n-shoots. This “camera” does NOT has a SLR inside, so yes you’re right, it’s not for me. Anyone who uses this thing, is not a professional. There is nothing that screams quality about this device. If you think this device has the EXACT same internals as the RX100 Mk2, you have a rude awakening coming. This is a watered down version. Sony would NOT sell it for half the price.

        1. these have the exact same lens and sensors than cameras that cost almost twice as much. they are saving big costs in the display an processing they are borrowing from the phone. my only concern is the lack of a real flash

          1. The perspective Sony cameras these lenses are basically coming from are not quite twice the price. The RX100II sensor is $600 (unless prices have changed since last shopped for) the second model with the extra zoom is basically coming from the RX150 which is $400. It’s all relative really because prices will depend on where you get it from.

            Either way, I see these two products not necessarily as something for the average consumer photographer. Just true enthusiasts who like to play with unique photography equipment.

            I’m still a firm believer that for the majority of consumers, the camera inside modern mobile phones is sufficient for the everyday odd image or video. They should compliment more advanced P&S and DSLR.

        2. My professional photographer friend has over 15 cameras. He loves the RX100 and has used it for shoots he’s done and also for casual stuff. He also has all kinds of cameras to try out different technologies. You may ‘own’ a DSLR, but so does my 75 year old blind neighbor. That doesn’t change the fact that my buddy won’t be picking this QX100 up to try out. The idea may not work out but it certainly is intriguing. Also, most pros when they want/need to carry light have pocketable cameras for high IQ. You are completely missing the idea.

          1. “Also, most pros when they want/need to carry light have pocketable cameras for high IQ. You are completely missing the idea.”

            … would carry something like the RX150. A very decent compliment for a DSLR when size and weight is a real issue in a given situation.

            I totally agree with you that this is something fun for pros and serious amateurs to play around with. Lovely technology, I really appreciate the engineering. Sony optics at the end of the day. Love it.

      2. ” It’s for real image quality”

        For true image quality, if I’m concerned with that I’d take along my DSLR (Sony). I see this as something for the true enthusiast who likes to play with some fun toys. Not a piece of photography equipment that should replace your DSLR or advanced point & shoot. Just a fun toy.

    2. I get where your coming from, taken into perspective.

  2. Cool Idea, but not practical.. sorry sony, If im going to carry a lens.. i might as well carry my dslr. The point of a phone camera is it’s mobility.

    1. Well this is great for average people though. The lens is WAY smaller than a DSLR. It can fit in a pocket or bag easily, and you just take it out your pocket and put it on your phone! Way easier than carrying another camera in my opinion.

  3. is this compatible with the xperia z ?

    1. Looks like it is when Z is used in most of the photo shoot debut of this lens.

  4. I know the psychos will say “this is for photographers! if you think it’s too expensive you’re a cheap piece of $#!%” but a little lens thing isn’t worth the price of an entirely new phone. since Sony makes phones… put it INSIDE one!

    1. but than the lens would stick like the galaxy camera and make it inconvenient

  5. when I get a new phone my camera is pretty good, but after a couple months it starts to get scratched up. companies should start putting in lens covers

  6. The bandwidth of communication from sensor to smartphone CPU will certainly limit what can be done, like HDR apps that take 3 shots in a row and mix them in one final image.
    How about HDR video?
    Phones should have a dedicated high speed bus connector for that type of external peripherals.

    1. мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт….­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kAgk

      I’m still a firm believer that for the majority of consumers, the camera inside modern mobile phones is sufficient for the everyday odd image or video. They should compliment more advanced P&S and DSLR.

      1. I agree, complement, not replace.

  7. Millions more will think this will make them a pro photographer, hint-it won’t ;) If you want to do real photography, a real camera remains the best way.

    1. Hint: Most people aren’t trying to be a “pro photographer” ;)
      Bonus Hint: A “pro photographer” would probably buy a high-end DSLR that costs nearly twice as much as this.

      This isn’t gimmicky at all. Why pay for functionality you already have in your pocket.

  8. This is perfect for me. My rear facing camera on my Galaxy Nexus doesn’t focus too well anymore, forcing me to use my front facing camera if I want to take a nice photo. So, I can’t wait a little longer to replace my phone. The whole family can share it too, iOS or Android!

  9. This is the wrong product for Sony to build, they should build an Android phone with a camera that rival’s the Nokia’s. Sony isn’t even an also ran in the Android phone business but they do build excellent cameras like the NEX series, an Android phone with a really good camera could get them noticed.

    This external lens is going to very awkward to use and it’s no more convenient than carrying a separate point and shoot camera. It’s not a replacement for a DSLR or the mirrorless camera’s like the NEX because it’s a point and shoot sized lens. But if all it is a point and shoot in a package that isn’t much smaller than a point and shoot then why not just buy a point and shoot.

    1. But a point to remember your point and shoot camera cannot post to online services and cannot back up to the cloud, this is much smaller than most comparative point and shoot cameras, so just don’t buy it!
      the 20Mpx camera Sony already has in their new smartphone takes easily as good pics as a Nokia and doesn’t run Windows Phone, which are all great features.

  10. The smallest decent quality compact cameras will take AT LEAST as good of quality pictures, and be just about as convenient to carry around. Same price point too. Pretty much everyone’s phone has a case of some kind around it, that will have to be removed. This fact alone makes it very inconvenient, which is what phone cameras are all about.

    1. i think what you said in the last line came out wrong, some people would be misled to think that phone cameras are all about inconvenience, whereas the truth is the opposite

    2. This can fit onto any Smartphone running Android or iOS why would you need to remove a case? it connects with Bluetooth.

  11. If they make this with a battery pack handle it would be pretty cool

  12. I think this is an interesting concept, since sometimes you want a higher end camera more than other times. But I’d probably be happier with the 808/920/1020 type system where I always have a really good camera built into the phone. I totally agree with the author about Nokia envy – I was hugely disappointed they decided to go with Windows only (is it ever possible they can abandon this move or go cross platform?). I’m hoping the next Nexus will have some good Nikon tech in it, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up. My Note II has a fast response (with no flash) and an OK picture, but nothing like the shots I’ve seen from Nokia’s.

    Does anyone know if these new Sony separate units must be bolted onto the phone vs separated by a cable? I’ve long thought it would be cool to have a two piece unit so I can hold it down low for kids without stooping or up high to get over an obstacle, and if I don’t have a viewfinder with good shading like an SLR, it would be nice to adjust the display away from the sun regardless of where the lens is pointing (I suppose the new glass types that really cut down reflection will solve this issue).


    1. I see my assumption about a hardwire connection was wrong. I see mention of NFC, WiFi, and Bluetooth. My only experience transferring videos phone to phone via bluetooth was way slower than real time, so I don’t understand how you could capture video that way, but perhaps that isn’t supported.

      Should be fun to check out.

      1. NFC and bluetooth is likely used for pairing while Wifi Direct are used for the actual data bandwidth. Much like how the S3 and S4 use NFC to “share” data, in that case NFC just tells it to turn on Wifi direct and shares the security keys between the devices and lets wifi take over.

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