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sony lens champagne

Confession time: I’m really, really excited about the Sony camera lens accessories that we’ve been hearing so much of recently. I am sick of the fact that no Android device has been able to come out with a camera that really rivals the Lumia 920/1020 or even close to them, particularly in the case of low-light performance.

The biggest question for the lenses has been the price point. If Sony Alpha Rumors is to be believed (and they seem quite confident about it), you should be able to pick up the QX10 for $250 and the QX100 for $450. Considering the QX10 has the same sensor as the $450 Sony Cybershot Wx150 while the QX100 has the same as the $750 RX100M II, they look like good value for money.

Sony Alpha Rumors also has some more information regarding the two lenses, including a “champagne” color option, pictured above and the fact that it would be called the “SmartShot”, a combination of “Smartphone” and “Cybershot”. They would also have Optical Image Stabilization, and should work with any Android or iOS device via an app.

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