HTC One signup page for Verizon Wireless is now live


HTC One Verizon Wireless

We’ve known for quite sometime that Verizon had plans to offer the HTC One on their network by summer’s end, and it looks like we’re finally nearing that inevitable release. The signup page for the HTC One is now live on Verizon Wireless’ website, allowing you to enter your email address for the opportunity to be notified when the phone is finally ready for purchase.

Verizon’s still mum on an exact date, but it shouldn’t be much longer, folks. The HTC One is arguably one of the best Android devices to date, but faces some tough competition with the LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 coming around the bend. ‘Course, if you still feel like the One might be the perfect device for you, hit up the source link below for email updates.

[HTC One on Verizon Wireless]

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  1. Five months too late.

    1. ^^ This

      1. I don’t get it, is the phone suddenly not good enough? I’ve been enjoying it for months, and plan on enjoying for another ___ months. Something else you got your eye on?

        1. For me personally, it wasn’t good enough at launch which is why I didn’t grab it but for a lot of others is may very well me good enough. My thing is why make something available 5 to 6 months after the fact when new devices have been announced/ will be announced very shortly. Now that faster upgrades seem to be the new thing now with the carriers, those who have had the HTC One for 6+ months (by the time the device is available on Vz) they’ll be looking to take advantage of the early upgrade options so why wouldn’t people pass up this phone when there are newer devices (features aside). And yes, I do have my eye on something else and the above are just my personal opinions and perceptions, I am not speaking for anyone other than myself (I feel I need to make that disclaimer these days…lol).

        2. As it seems to trend top of the line phones from manufacturers come about once a year. So for some people it’s kind of pointless to buy into technology thats 5 months old when in 7 months there will be a new device. The high prices for devices from carriers stays the same up until the final moments before the new flagship is release, so essentially you’d be wasting your money unless you bought into the phone on or close to release day. Look at the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 for instance, I preordered it for $299, today it is selling for $249, why would anyone in their right mind pick up the Galaxy Note 2 for this price when the Note 3 is coming out in 3 months and will probably launch at the same price point as the Note 2 did.

          1. Well, when it comes to Verizon, they sometimes get their phones later than everyone else. In which case, if a HTC Two was announced 6 months from now, it’d be another 6 before it ever hit Verizon :p

        3. They’ll probably be selling it for the same price everyone else was selling it for when it originally launched. Now those carriers who launched it “on time” have it at a discount and promos. I doubt Verizon will.

        4. I REALLY like it…I REALLY do…but my luck they’ll release a super-d-duper battery version later, and I’d take a smidge extra bulk for the battery. So wish my Droid Razr had been a Maxx, but I got it early. Hrmf. I think the HTC One is damn secksy, but afraid it will be trumped sooner with the later release. Damn VzW and their amazing network…I’d jump ship if anyone else was that good.

          1. Yeah, for a lot of people, Verizon is their only option. I mean, sometimes it’s good to wait but then you might be waiting forever. Gotta jump while the gettin’ is good. :)

          2. The only thing on HTC’s upcoming lineup we know about is the Mini and Max, both are pretty niche.

            I don’t see another flag ship until Spring of 2014.. which means Summer 2014 with Verizon.

  2. Signed up…. hope its worth the wait and switching carriers.

    1. Signed up for what? But then again, if they wait to bring new devices 5 months later then the Moto X, LG G2 and the hopefully soon to be announced Note 3 and HTC One Maxx won’t be available from Veezy any time soon. So yeah, I guess I’d sign up too.

  3. I think the s4 is just as much competition. Tried them both and the s4 clearly won in my opinion

    1. Not to mention the fact that Samsung has no problem keeping their older phones on the newest os version, I mean the S2 is on jellybean and my old HTC Evo stayed stuck on gingerbread which is why I switched to the Note 2.

      1. Exactly. And I’m one of the weird people that actually likes touch wiz. Minus the launcher(I use nova) I really enjoy all the features/gimmicks. And I’m coming from a galaxy nexus

    2. So many HTC fanboys. I said the s4 won in my OPINION and ya’ll are downvoting me. Chill out everyone likes phones differently.

  4. This is still a solid phone to get this year. Everything about it is relevant, but it does make a difference when a phone is ready on time and then almost 6 months later when other compelling phones are announced that you may have not known about or finally know the concrete evidence of other options. It makes a difference. OEM’s really need to stop delaying or allowing carriers to have their irrelevant ways. Exclusives on storage options. Really? What the hell does that do for anyone? Exclusive color options? What the hell does that do for anyone? New color options months later. That won’t boost your phone sales. Make whatever color options you have in mind from day one. Same release date and variants across the board on day one. No spec bump variants later. Maybe a solid tablet later in the late second half of the year. In between work on updates and accessories. Those need to be ready day one as well. It’s really simple honestly. I would say F the carrier if the wanted otherwise.

    1. Damn I couldn’t agree more.

    2. In this case it’s not always the carrier’s fault. OEMs force a bidding war on new phones and force other carriers to stagger release dates. currently ATT is willing to sell their mother in order to get exclusivity rights while VZW passed in order to do their Droid thing.

      1. Ppl still try to blame HTC for this fiasco? Verizon cares solely about profit margins. They knew if this was released any earlier then it was, they wouldnt move not one more DNA free or not. The only way they suckered some ppl into picking up the DNA for free is because they lacked the premier android phone for the year

  5. I have an upgrade waiting for me, was going to get the S4 because I didn’t think this was ever going to happen. Now I’m conflicted because I’m worried about the camera and the button layout has always been a tad off-putting. Plus knowing Verizon it’ll be another month before it’s actually available…..hmmmm decisions.

  6. Anyone else notice in Verizon’s small print it states: “may contact you via email with LG information and related products”

    When did LG have to do anything with the HTC One?

    1. yeah I just noticed that….lol. Don’t tell me they’re going to bring the LG G2 and have that available before the One…lol. Too funny.

    2. ROFL, someone in marketing must have gotten lazy….


  7. September 5th on that screen shot. O_o

    1. You have a good eye, my friend.

    1. That’s the sign up page?

      1. Am I missing something? Look at my screenshot. “Cell Phone Discounts – Cell Phone Discount Deals.” That’s the page I’m getting, regardless of which browser I’m using. Even in a private session to ensure I’m not signed in I get this page with a bunch of devices listed.

        1. Hmmmmm… strange. Try back in a few hours, I guess it’s not available everywhere?

          1. type in HTC one in the search bar

  8. Too late for me, could not take my Rezound any longer and bought the s4 last week. My 14 days will obviously be up before they decide to release this thing. Wasn’t really a fan of the blinkfeed anyways.

    1. no probs with my rezound… rooted it back in Feb. I’ll hold out until Note 3. BTW, you can turn off blinkcrap.

  9. Is there really a point in reading the one at this point?

    1. Because it’s an awesome device and for many, there isn’t anything better that’s available at this time?

      1. Don’t get me wrong Chris, I completely love mine. And I really hope htc has great success with the one and everything else they release.
        Like many, I’m tired of all the galaxy s4 hype. I had one and gave it to my wife and bought another htc one.

  10. At this point, it had better be $99!

    1. totally agree, if this thing is any more than $150 VZW is off their rocker! althought at $99 it might be tempting. especially since there is GPE rom goodness available. you got to admit the hardware is pretty nice even with the GINORMOUS bezel ha

  11. the delay was probably because of the huge ass branding at the back of the device. good job big red.

    1. They were trying to come up with every way possible to get it on the front of the phone. They had to give up at some point.

  12. A couple of my friends were waiting for this phone. They eventually gave up and bought the S4 instead. I think they made the right choice.

  13. if you’re Tech that does things with your phone like rooting and so on I don’t get how 32 gigs will help you ..if your a Facebook champ or go to YouTube university this phone is a great pick without the SD slot this phone has limited capabilities in my mind

    1. A real nerd doesn’t need a shitty SD card to move files to and from a device.

  14. ugh, almost 2 years ago I had the easiest choice ever. Galaxy Nexus being released on VZW, AND I would be maintaining my unlimited data, what a sweet deal! 2 years later I cannot decide if ANY phone verizon offers is worth losing the data. what is someone who burns 4.5 gB a month to do?

    1. Think hard you can get the upgrade and still keep you unlimited, just need to play the game. something called transfer upgrade. Hint!! I did it with mine.

      1. Do explain….?

        1. if you have a family plan you can do an alternative upgrade to keep the unlimited data. You use your upgrade and then activate the phone on one of the other lines. Then you move the phone back onto your line.

          1. so you add $10/month for two years to have a phone you never use?

          2. That’s not what I said at all. You’re not adding anything . This is for people who are already on a family plan

          3. okay, i have a family plan. with two lines. me and my wife. my wife was upgraded last month. so please explain how i can upgrade and keep unlimited on my line…..im confused

          4. Transfer your upgrade to your wife’s line, then purchase and activate the phone on her line. Once activated, your free to swap phones between lines. You can reactivate her old phone on her line and assign the new phone to your line.

      2. мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kAgk

        And yes, I do have my eye on something else and the above are just my
        personal opinions and perceptions, I am not speaking for anyone other
        than myself (I feel I need to make that disclaimer these days…lol).

      3. I’m in the same boat as AHol2206 same phone and unlimited. Please Ricky Cheng do explain this Transfer upgrade!!!???? Thanks in advance.

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