ITC bans several Samsung devices, President Obama has 60 days to review



The ongoing legal drama between Apple and Samsung continues, even long after Apple’s billion dollar win last year. The latest development comes from the ITC which has issued a limited exclusion order on a handful of Samsung products. This was a follow up to an ITC judge’s ruling back in 2012, who found Samsung guilty of violating Apple’s design and technology patents. After the ITC’s latest review, the design patents were dropped, but Samsung still found guilty of violating 2 patents: 7,479,949 relating to scrolling technology, and 7,912,501, dealing with the audio/microphone jack. However, newer Samsung devices with workarounds to the above listed patents are off the hook (for now).

Unfortunately for older devices like the Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Continuum, and a couple of Galaxy Tabs (all devices from 2010/2011), they now have 60 days before the ban goes into effect, during which time the President Obama will review the case and either veto the ban or let it skate on by. You may remember a similar case in which Obama overturned an ITC ruling banning AT&T compatible iPhones and iPads, but those were essential patents, where as the latest offense deals with non-essential ones, so it’s not looking so good for Samsung. And no, our resident iPhan, Kevin Krause, did not contribute to this article. ;)

[US International Trade Commission | via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Obama will ban them for sure lol

    1. He’ll ban them and then not show up to a bilateral meeting with the South Korean president as a show of solidarity for Apple. liberal dbag with self-interests. Trust me, republicants are no better, but they aren’t the ones acting as the mouth piece for the country right now.

  2. Obama should veto it to be fair
    Well see.

    1. Politics is never about being fair

    2. No, he should veto if he sees the penalties in question as being damaging to innovation or an abuse of the patent system. False equivalencies do not a rational policy make.


  4. Well see I guess lol. ps – Phandroid, can we get more articles please? I mean we only had 8 articles since I was here at work at 8 in the morning. Lately you guys been very slow at updating your site. Hope to see some changes!

    1. Android related news has been slow overall. Things are slowing down, in case you haven’t noticed.

    2. As long as Kevin doesn’t do the updating.

      1. lol, I seriously dont mind as long as his articles are not super duper biased. i just want more to read and my two main sites are phandroid (been with since launch) and engadget (been with since launch) There are many other sites I took off favorites and never go back, sites like gizmodo and theverge. So even if it’s regurgitating something from another site, more articles would be great.

        1. Don’t encourage beardysquatch O.o … He’s doing so well stunt doubling for the jack links commercials

        2. is excellent if you are interested in technology, science, and programming. Really any of those things. Check it out

          1. ty, will do!

  5. Obama is an Apple fan. Samsung will get banned.

    1. Actually I think Obama is a blackberry fan hahah

      1. His good buddy Al Gore is on the Apple board of directors. Hahaha back at ya:-)

        1. Touché lol

          1. I’m more curious on how you got that accent mark on the ‘E’. LoL!!

          2. iOS auto correct does it automatically lol

          3. upvoteing cuz you downvoted for no reason

          4. They had a reason I’m sure. Just not a very good one :)

          5. Oh!! I just tried it and it does. Well, I’m on Android. I guess words that aren’t English but are used in English language has been added. LoL!! I even tried with “cliche”. I’m on my computer now, so no auto-correct. =.P

          6. The default Google keyboard does it as does Samsung’s keyboard but to my surprise Swiftkey doesn’t do it.

      2. Haha i get it cause he’s black and a blackberry is really purple LMAO

      3. he’s not. many govt officials are required to use blackberry. Although he is like most liberals.. an Apple fan.

        1. That is a really stupid statistic to pull out of your arse can you please explain how you came to that conclusion? My guess is it goes like this.. Liberals = stupid apple = stupid therefore liberals love apple.
          That’s about as logical as saying conservatives prefer coke to Pepsi
          Or if she weighs the same as a duck she must be made of wood and therefore is a witch.

          1. he tends to use apple products?

          2. Actually, I think it’s liberals who prefer coke to Pepsi.

  6. So if you get some stupids non essentials patents it’s OK, but if those patents are essentials and they cost you a lot in research and development then it’s not OK. That’s probably why Crapple have so many stupids patents that are non-essentials just to patents troll everyone that do essentials things.

    1. Dude, essential does not mean it will cost you a lot of money. And if it is essential then you need to have a fair price so other company can use it. You can’t change a higher price for your competitors.

      1. To be fair Apple wanted to pay less then everyone else for Samsungs essential patents, they wanted to pay .0002 for the 3g patents, while everyone else is paying like 50-100x more than that. In the end they ended up walking away without paying anything at all due to it being an “American” company.

  7. any loss for Samsung makes me happy

    *rubs HTC Sensation evily*

    1. HTC sensation? wow I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but a HTC sensation ain’t one.

      1. lol its all love… this Sensation has held me down for awhile now. Its rooted and running 4.2.2 with CM and the battery life is nice, considering I havent changed the battery in 2 years.

        I’ll be getting the HTC One Max in December, unless Google blesses us with an HTC Nexus 5.

        OAN: Samsuckers I was j/k…. stop downvoting my post, it makes me sad. :(

        1. ” stop downvoting my post, it makes me sad. :( ” ROFL

          1. Teehee lol

        2. I’m waiting to JUMP to the HTC One Max from my HTC One. What can I say? I was destined to like HTC. My 1st Android phone was the Nexus 1. History repeats itself. Just in a different fashion. LoL!!

          My 1st large screen phone was the HTC HD2. My 1st phablet will be the HTC One Max!! (‘o’)/ *GASP* It really does repeat itself in a different fashion!!

        3. you getting sad over an internet vote makes me happy. Really, who cares. You’re just a troll with no real solid argument.

    2. You know if things get finally squashed with Samsung htc and every other Android based company will be next right? (despite them having a licensing deal with Apple) i remember a little promise a certain raging someone made towards android.. Not a very nice one Ahem.. U guys know what I’m talking about…

    3. realize this is an attack on Android and the way it functions. Apple chose Samsung because they sell the most android units. Apple probably looked at HTC and laughed at their sales figures. Oh wait, that’s right, HTC sold out to Apple, getting them $$ per device they may sell in the future for licensing. It’s ok HTC fanboy.. just realize that Samsung’s wallets and fight work towards the betterment of Android. They worked with Google to tweak UI elements in order to move away from claimed Apple patents.

      1. calm down lady… jeez

  8. “And no, our resident iPhan, Kevin Krause, did not contribute to this article. ;)” <– Kevin Krause signed into Chris Chavez's account! :o

    1. Kevin Krause is like the Troyan Virus of this website.

      1. Do you mean Trojan?

        1. spanish.

    2. Damn. Such vitriol…

  9. Samsung it’s a Korean company. But Apple it’s an American company, that’s why they winning in the USA courts all the time.

    1. An American company that has everything made outside of America

      1. Not the chips samsung has made in texas for crapple

        1. Yes but isnt that alone enough reason to never ban Samsung since Samsung does stuff that all other American companies refuse to do, mainly hire Americans.

        2. Maybe like a gazillion years ago, but your further from the truth my friend been quite some time since apple left Samsung for a company in Taiwan… Worse mistake theyve comitted since crapple maps

          1. Sorry, but I’m right on this one

          2. Ur partially right but look at the date of the article u posted, its it was posted 2011 look at this article

            Ur still wrong atleast next year thats good enough for me lol

  10. Our President has bigger issues to deal with than smart phone importation. This crap needs to stop.

  11. The FTC makes these decisions. I doubt the president hears more than a one liner about such things from a staffer in a briefing.

    1. he heard about Apple products getting banned.

      1. It was the FTC chairman who overturned than ban, too.

  12. guess we’ll be buying motorola and apple phones now

    1. das offensive.

    2. that is funny

    3. Funny on its own, but linking it to Obama is just dumb and offensive

  13. Seriously, does anyone care if they ban the GS2 and a 3yr old tablet? Who is importing those anyway?

    1. It matters because it encourages Apple’s patent trolling. They’ve been trying to ban Android products for years now instead of trying to compete with them through creating a better product. If this ban goes into effect you can bet that Apple will try to use it as a precedent to ban more of their competitor’s products.

      1. AMEN!!!! Tell it again!!! They didn’t get that part :)

      2. I get that aspect of it…. but in reality, in terms of physical devices being blocked and sales being prevented, its entirely meaningless.

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      No, he should veto if he sees the
      penalties in question as being damaging to innovation or an abuse of
      the patent system. False equivalencies do not a rational policy make.

    3. If they ban the GS2, it’ll become illegal for me to have my E4GT. LoL!! I actually know it doesn’t work that way. =.P

    4. It’s still a battle that needs to be fought, from a tech innovation standpoint as well as a marketing one. Apple didn’t invent the tech and shouldn’t hold other companies hostage because they decided to patent something first they didn’t invent. For marketing and PR, the fact that Samsung gets a ban while Apple doesn’t is big, especially since Apple is currently losing the sales and marketing battle.

  14. I love this part of Samsung’s statement: ” However, Apple has been prevented from trying to use its overbroad design patents to achieve a monopoly on rectangles and rounded corners.”

    1. What’s next there gonna sue all the markets for carrying apples?

      1. >.> i don’t see why not, they sued a grocery store in the UK for having an Apple in its logo, then they sued a Polish grocery store for having the name,2817,2409669,00.asp

        They have a patent on the picture and the word Apple.

    2. Don’t get fooled. It is the multi-touch patent Apple is going after. Samesung/Scroogle should stop copying multi-touch ideas Apple invented. You fandroids will be free to use single finger :-) gestures though for the next 20 years :)

      1. Don’t get fooled. Multi-touch was around long before Apple patented it. You sheep constantly think Apple invented tech when in fact they borrowed or stole ideas and patented them. Thus the “first!” in forum posts idea was born.

        The dumb smarmy smiley face after each sentence suits sheep.

          1. Because of course multi touch touch tables and kiosks from the early 2000’s don’t count because they weren’t made by apple!

          2. They don’t count because noone ever cared about them.
            Inventing the tech is something, finding a way to put them in real products people can actually afford and use is another. Both demand innovation, work, knowledge but only the second involves taking risks and eventually making money out of it if it finds customers.
            Remember 2002, when everybody laughed at the iPod, 2007 when “speciallists” advices Apple to ditch the stillborn iphone, 2010 when all the industry made fun of the iPad, the “blown-up iPod Touch”…
            Yes, they took all the risks and thus DESERVE to make money now, as Samsung DESERVES to be punished for making as much money as the company they took all the ideas from.

          3. So because apple stole Samsung’s invention they marketed towards industry only and not consumers, and Apple were successful in marketing to a wider demographic of consumers with said stolen product, they deserve to make money off it but not the original inventors? lolwtf. So all that work of coming up with it in the first place shouldn’t be rewarded in your mind you’re saying?

          4. Gotta love apple and their fanboys, shameless in having apple steal from others, but the moment someone else uses an idea they are marketing they pull out the nukes.

          5. And that’s the easy answer. I was quite surprised no one already pulled that fanboy/isheep flag.
            We’re talking about FRAND abuse versus invention steal. Have you searched a bit deeper about the two cases before coming in a generalist Android website to claim your position ?
            I guess not. Reading is hard !

          6. Right so when Apple takes ideas from others its a-ok but when Samsung does it they should be punished, nice logic iDrone. Now take your trolling elsewhere and take ramming of c*ck in arse from Apple as you always enjoy.

          7. Interesting comment !

          8. Did you really just link us to articles by DED? That guy has a delusional bias towards Apple products. Are you going to link us to Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity to get the real truth on Obama, next?

          9. Well, maybe so.
            What’s the truth then ?

          10. One things for certain. Apple didn’t invent everything and everyone else is just copying poor Apple (as DED’s series would have you believe).

      2. Even if by some miracle Apple’s multi-touch patent isn’t invalidated from prior art, it’s become so ubiquitous with all mobile devices it will be considered frand

  15. if apple could just die in a fire… that would be great…

    1. Jobs sacrificed himself so the sins of all apple employees could be forgiven , but do they appreciate it.. Hell to her nah! … Um too soon? Should i had waited till Ashton Kutcher butchered his reputation even more than apple has already?

      1. Known douche nozzle playing another douche nozzle, the Apple fans will eat it up.

  16. Let’s see what Mr. Obama does this time. If he doesn’t veto against the decision, it will be unequivocal that US has some serious justice issues.

    1. Remember that the US is Apple’s home turf. Of course they play favorites. Only country to find Samsung infringing on Apple patents and granting them those dumb design patents. All other nations threw those cases out or invalidated Apple’s patents or agreed both parties were guilty.

  17. check out all the latest news on nexus 5 at

  18. Awww this hurts doesn’t it samsung?

    1. Ha! You’re kidding yourself if you believe this to be true.

    2. Samsung like doesn’t read this site. Who exactly are you talking to? Hurt? The US isn’t the sole market for smartphones. Grow up.

    3. Ya, it really hurts to lose out on sales in the US with devices that really aren’t on the shelf anymore because they’re well over 2 years old. You do know Samsung’s primary market isn’t really the US right?

    4. Not really. Since more android phones are being sold every day over ios. Don’t get me wrong, I like ios but I like android better. My wife had an iphone for 1 year. I had to do some updates on it and decided to put an s3 on her account in the meantime while I played around with the iphone, in the end she said to sell the iphone. She liked the s3 better. So in the end the consumer will decide and most are deciding android with a lot deciding on samsung too.

  19. android fans were celebrating last week that iPad 2 and iPhone 4 would get banned from the US. Well think again. the tables have turned ;D

    1. Android fans dont want the iphone to be banned. After all more competition is always good. We just want them to admit that everyone copies and they are not the creator of everything despite what they claim, they did not make the rectangle.As well we want them to hopefully learn not to take every OEM on Earth to Court just because that company captured market share from them

      1. android fans = Botgoats. Butthurt botgoats :D

  20. i thought the s2 was not included in the ban?

    1. No ur mistaking it for that s3

  21. Or he’s a bigger Idiot than we think he is. Plus banning won’t stop the import of these phone and our money will go to other countries I’d pay 700 for a phone I wanted just to slap crapple

  22. If things look like his decisions are supporting unfair trade between countries this will end up working against Obama and making us look like a bunch of hypocrites.

  23. This is just competition at its best, all Hippocratic competition to mislead people in such ways you have no idea, yet this companies make a lot money of it, nice ways to sale out their products yep =)

    1. Your words are English, but your sentences are not.

      1. I like you.

  24. Everything Apple ever made was prior art and This country’s patent system is allowing them to buy patents for things they never created. It is severely broken. Where did all these computer illiterate blind apple fan boys come from? This Country needs a computer literacy program. Because I wouldn’t buy an apple product even if I was blind. The Android products are clearly better. They need to go back to school because they don’t know the meaning of the word steal. Only Apple can get away with suing or banning competitors products that they originally stole from other competitors. Apple is a bully and this nonsense is destroying free competition. There should be anti trust laws against it.

    1. What gets me too is the iSheeps reaction when Apple buys a company and then puts that company’s product into the iPhone. Somehow it becomes “Apple has spent years developing and testing this innovation they created!” Drives me nuts, lol.

  25. Galaxy Tab DuoS 7.0 I really hope this geeky war ends up soon, because this is not helping Apple to challenge other comapnies like Smasung or HTC and even Huawei which copies everything from everyone.

  26. android fans must be so butthurt lol

    1. Why would any android fan care about a 2 year old device that doesnt really sell anymore?

      1. It’s a butthurt iSheep who clones me and trolls the websites I visit, pay no mind to him. He’s also phatmanXXL too.

  27. Thank you so much. I turned on “talk back” to see what/how it worked and couldn’t turn it off. Then I restarted the phone but couldn’t get past the lock screen. In absolute panic, found your post and solved the problem. Much appreciated.

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