LG G2 press shots leak ahead of tomorrow’s announcement


LG G2 2013

And here it is folks, our first high-res look at the official press shot for the soon-to-be-announced LG G2. Once again, @evleaks has scored the leak, showing us exactly what will be announced at tomorrow’s event. Of course, the press reveal little about what’s underneath the hood, although it’s rumored the LG G2 will come equipped with a powerful Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, and unique volume/power button combo on the back.

We’ll have to wait and see what LG’s brought on the software side of things, but expect them to attempt and 1-up Samsung with more features than you can shake a stick at. Anyone like what they’re seeing?

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  1. I know this is a very minor thing, but LG has always had the best looking lock screens. I wish we’d see some of their animations and style make it to other versions of Android.

    1. True. LG also has really good hardware. I just wish they would stop trying to copy touchwiz and make their own UI or go stock

      1. As someone who’s owned both LG and Samsung, I’ve always liked LG’s UI (since Ice Cream Sandwich). While I agree their icons seem to follow Samsung’s, the rest of the UI is much easier to look at.

        1. This is what I’m always trying to tell people. Its like they look at the icons on a press shot and declare it an exact copy of touchwiz. But everything else is much better. And, BLUE notification icons too. Not the same old gingerbread green (and white) that every other manufacturer refuses to change when redesigning their UI.

          1. I like green, so I don’t mind that. Though the blue is tolerable.

          2. Green is a fine color. But green icons up there just remind me of froyo.

          3. So shouldn’t the icons be rainbowish for JB? LoL!! IDK… Green is a fav. color, so I’m just being a bit biased right now. LoL!!

          4. Lol That might be kinda cool actually! Maybe with KLP they’ll decide to go back to green to match it! Like a lime green..lmao seriously though, I have to admit I may be being a bit biased myself, since blue is MY fav color.

          5. Blue is my MOST favorite color. But truly I have four favorites: Blue, Red, Green, and Purple.

            EDIT: Cobalt Blue is probably my go-to color.

          6. That would be an interesting concept, or perhaps have the icons change color with battery level or something like that.

        2. Touchwiz sorta reminds me of gingerbread for some reason. Or maybe its the fact it hasn’t really changed much since then.

        3. I hope we see more LG phones on all carriers. I’m not quite ready to jump ship from Verizon (still have my unlimited data) so I’d like a powerful offering from them on big red.

      2. There are similarities to be sure, but I think LG has their own style about them when it comes to overall UI design. They also add subtle nuances to their software that I appreciate, like the ability to view the wallpaper without any clutter by enacting a simple gesture. Little things like that which don’t necessarily add utilitarian functionality but still contribute to improving the overall experience of the device is what I like about LG’s approach to Android.

    2. No, no. It’s ALWAYS about the small things. I HATE how phones don’t have a natural search button. My gosh!! I miss that button. It doesn’t make me not want to buy phones, but if a random company came out with a search button added, I’d be beyond ecstatic. LoL!!

      1. I just meant that it would be silly of me to buy an LG phone purely for the fancy nature of the lock screen. I agree with you though, I use the small things to make a decision about what device to get when I’m on the fence between two or three options.

        To be honest between an LG and Samsung offering of the same power/price I’d likely choose the LG.

      2. there are mods for nav bars in xda which allow you to add extra buttons to it and rearrange it so you can add a search button. this doesn’t have capacitive buttons so its would fit well. and you can even add the menu button haha

  2. It reminds me strongly of the Galaxy S 3/4 in that picture. Also why is the volume/power on the back?! I don’t like that, otherwise it’s a decent looking LG phone (never been an LG fan, though).

    1. dude, they’re innovating smartphones…just accept that.
      i think thats a nice way to put it, rather than at the top as regular phones.
      phones can’t just stick as how they are, it must evolve into something new whether
      we like it or not. I bet this new feature people will likely accept.

      1. You may be right. And I’m not saying it’s necessarily a bad thing…but personally, I dislike it. Until I see it in more detail I’ll try to reserve judgment but I like my volume rocker right where it is, and it seems like you’d have weirdly designed cases to accommodate them.

      2. It’s an interesting idea, but I worry that it might invoke unwanted button presses whilest sitting in a pocket. They’ve probably thought of a way to counter such things though.

        To be perfectly honest when I first saw the picture I thought the center thing was a finger print scanner similar to the Atrix.

    2. Uhhhhh yeah……..NO. It looks like miles better than any Samsung, and the button arrangement is something called innovation. LG is doing something different that I think people will like/love once they use it.

      1. Miles better than a Samsung? The front of of that phone looks exactly like a GS4. Replace the LG logo with a home button and voila!
        That said the back is a different beast entirely. It will be interesting to see how it feels/works

    3. I’m not so sure about the volume on the back either but I really like that they’re taking a risk and trying something outside the box. With that sort of thought to design you’d think they’d take two seconds to put the speakers facing forward though. LOL!

    4. Maybe it’s to aid with the lack of bezel.

  3. I like the way it looks, I wonder what new slick features its going to have.

  4. Anyone know what size of battery this thing is supposed to have?

    1. yes

      1. 2610mah. Thanks for telepathically sending it to me. You’re the best!

        1. NP, that’s what I do

        2. The telepathy app, now on Google Play.

  5. The start of a new generation of phones. Where the heck is Nvidia with the terrain 4 on mobile phones? The snapdragon 800 is here and the fight will be interesting, if they release a phone with one soon. They’ll ruin the chance of they wait too long. Don’t pull a Moto Nvidia and release it when it’s obsolete

    1. Do you mean Tegra 4, or is nVidia working on a new project?

      1. Yeah I meant tegra 4 but SwiftKey changedit to terrain, sorry aabout that. Nvidia is currently working on project logan

  6. that just looks like a lens cover on the back lol

  7. At least the new moto x and droid phones got it right with not splashing logos all over the phone. Its minor….by annoying as f***!

  8. Can’t wait to see how the volume buttons work. Do you flick that little switch up or is it a button?

    Also, more colors please. I’m TIRED of having a black phone. LoL!!

    1. This with Moto X customizations would be a dream!

    2. The middle is the power button.

      1. Oh my… Now that’s REALLY different. I can’t WAIT to see how this all works out. Hmm… Interesting.

        1. Me too, I’m concerned this layout might be more susceptible to accidental pocket presses.

  9. I wish the volume rocker was actually a camera lens cover. Something manufacturers should consider doing.

    1. Agree. I’m OCD about wiping finger grease off my lens before EVERY potentia photo opportunity. Even had a microfiber baggy on my keychain at one point.

      1. most do.

  10. I’m liking that tiny bezel and no h/w buttons — I bet this phone will have one of the highest display to bezel surface area ratios yet.

    Not so sure about that funky volume rocker on the back though. Better have some nice dual uses.


  12. If this thing lands on T-Mobile I’m really wondering what it would be called?

    1. Well, there you have it. The phone wont be launching on T-Mobile :P

      1. But :(

  13. This is the next … Nexus. Or likely a close facsimile.

    1. It could be if Google decides to go with LG for the Nexus 5. Fits the name too given the 5-inch display.

      1. Well, so far Google’s been choosing manufacturers on a 2-year basis.

        Asus – Nexus 7, Nexus 7
        HTC – G1, Nexus One
        Samsung – Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus
        LG – Nexus 4, …?

        1. Snapdragon 800, and 1080p lcd screen? I already threw my money at the screen. Nothing happened though.

        2. Good catch! I never realized that

          1. I said this like 8 months ago and Chris Chavez mocked me…

          2. well…

        3. xoom, nexus 10

  14. I like it!

  15. I admit I haven’t played with it yet (obviously) but I hope the rear buttons becomes a thing. I’m so tired of accidentally pushing volume or power on the sides. It’d be nice to hold the phone without accidentally shutting the screen off while watching a vid. >.<

    1. It was kind of nice on the Atrix (I had one). I don’t really know if the side button is any “worse” though, really.

  16. That is hot.

    The only software feature I want to see is an unlockable bootloader.

    1. I wanna lick it.

  17. Am I the only one worried about the power button (and I’m assuming the lock/unlock button) being exposed on the back side of the phone? I put my phones in my pocket with the screen against my leg, exposing the back of the phone to anything I may bump up against. I feel like this could lead to a whole lot of pocket dials and texts.

    1. yeah, but you still have to unlock the screen by swiping. If you did bump it hard enough to wake it up, chances are it would just go back to sleep.

      1. It would still be a tiiiiiny bit annoying though. Knowing that if that happens, you’ll be loosing a bit of battery. Granted it’d be a very VERY small bit of power, but still…depending on the time-out settings, it could add up.

        Though I’m probably just being paranoid.

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        I hope we see more LG phones on
        all carriers. I’m not quite ready to jump ship from Verizon (still have
        my unlimited data) so I’d like a powerful offering from them on big

    2. Nope. Knowing LG though, they’ve probably devised some clever way of combating pocket-pressing.

  18. i think its cool that LG is trying new things it shows they are not lazy like some phone brands that keep just upgrading..

    1. don’t forget SUING!

      1. Litigation…

  19. I’m really liking the screen to bezel ration and the overall spec of the phone. However, I’m also really intrigued by the Moto X. Having read articles about the Moto X, I agree that the pursuit of better and better spec’d phones doesn’t necessarily lead to a better user experience. While on paper the Moto X only seems mediocre, features are really interesting. Guess it depends on which one becomes available to me in UK first. Heard the Moto X wasn’t gonna come here at all (boooooooo).

  20. I thought Samsung already released the s4

  21. No thanks i already have a Galaxy S4

  22. I am so happy with my Nexus 4. The only problem is the lack of LTE. The form factor and build quality are great. Form factor preference is a personal thing… but it works for me. I have a spare Galaxy S3. I just can’t get used to it. They both run cyanogenmod 10.x.

    My guess is the lack of LTE is the only reason I will eventually switch. I would buy another LG phone based on my experience with my Nexus 4.

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