Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini pictured in the wild [LEAK]



When the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini was officially unveiled back in May, the Korean manufacturer was mum on US availability, announcing only that the device would be available for international markets. The smaller version (and lesser spec’d) version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, it seems we now know the Mini could be headed to Verizon.


The folks at Engadget were tipped off with the device (SCH-I435) pictured in the wild, complete with Verizon boot animation, branding on its rear, and quick size comparison with the iPhone 5. We’re not sure how many of you are interested in this device, but it seems the S4 Mini will be going head-to-head with the also small but more powerful Moto X.

While pricing for either device hasn’t been confirmed, I think it goes without saying that the S4 will need to hit that sub-$200 pricing lest it face the same backlash as the X.

Chris Chavez
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  1. When I scrolled down and saw the iphone I gagged a little

    1. You clearly take this stuff waaaaay too seriously

      1. Stop being a grumpy cat

        1. Telling a grumpy cat not to be grumpy is like telling the sky to stop appearing blue in the daytime.

  2. Is Samsung trying to get sued by Apple AGAIN?

  3. Did Samsung made a full circle and now back to first Galaxy S design? Anyway, that super mirror glossy back plastic is just gross.

  4. Greeeeeat leeeeak, sooooo changing my liiiiife…
    OK, Samsung, back to your PokéBall…

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