Jul 30th, 2013

We all turn our heads when a very popular iOS app comes to Android. It’s like seeing the new kid walk into the classroom for the first time. Today’s new kid in town is named Transit App. What is this app? what does it do?

In short, it gives you public transportation directions/navigation in 43 supported cities. It became popular for its good-looking, sleek and simple design. But it is also a very helpful tool. You can get directions in real-time (where available), save your favorite routes and change your location to get direction from other places.


In essence, it’s a very simple, yet helpful idea. There is a slight issue, though – Google Maps already gives us public transportation directions and navigation. And it does it very well! Is there really room for Transit in the Android ecosystem?

Sure… there might be, for some. The interface does look very nice, so you might want to use Transit if you are into its looks. It also does have a few features that Google Maps doesn’t offer, and some people believe Google Maps is not completely perfect for transit directions.

Our very own Quentyn says Google Maps crashes on his phone if he gets directions with a route including more than about 30 stops. Hasn’t happened to me (or maybe I just never go as far), but issues like that may annoy you too.

You can go ahead and download Transit straight from the Google Play store if you want to test it out. You can also check out the supported cities in the description. But what do you think? Is there really room for both Transit and Google Maps? I am happy with Google Maps, but I will be giving Transit a try.

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