Swiftkey Cloud announced, learning your typing habits across devices [VIDEO]


Swiftkey is one of the most popular keyboards in the Android community (it happens to be my favorite). Its amazing word prediction system makes you feel like your phone can read your mind, but there is a small discrepancy. The magic goes away when you switch phones, format your phone or re-install your phone. Swiftkey Cloud is here to fix these problem.

What is Swiftkey Cloud?

Swiftkey is one of the best Android keyboards (it happens to be my very favorite). Many of us have called it a mind-reader, as the keyboard’s predictions can be close to unbelievable. The keyboard has to learn from your typing habits, though, which is a problem if you use multiple devices, switch often or format phones often. You have to re-teach your keyboard every single time.

Swiftkey Cloud is a new feature that will allow users to sync their typing habits across devices. This means that no matter what device you use or how often you switch, Swiftkey will be optimized for you as long as the device is connected to Swiftkey Cloud.

In addition to backing up and syncing your devices’ keyboards, the new keyboard uses trending online topics to improve your typing experience. For example, there are certain hot words everyday that we would probably never use in our daily lives. Swiftkey Cloud takes these into account.

Take “the royal baby” as an example. It’s a hot topic right now and many are likely to talk about it, but Swiftkey probably hasn’t learned it from our typing before. Now that won’t be an issue.


How to sign up for Swiftkey Cloud

Swiftkey Cloud is currently in beta stages. This means it won’t come as an update from the Google Play Store, but you can get it from Swiftkey’s site if you want to test it. Swiftkey is expecting to have the update running perfectly by next month, so it won’t take long for the update to come officially.

After downloading the update, you can simply sign into your Google account to start using Swiftkey Cloud. This is one of Swiftkey’s biggest improvements. Not only are your typing habits synced, but it is easier to make Swiftkey learn from your email and social networks.

The app no longer asks you for any passwords. You simply give the app permission to use the credentials on your phone and the keyboard starts learning. It was really a simple process, no more long passwords. And if you care about security and privacy, this will also make you feel more comfortable.

Can I turn off Swiftkey Cloud?

The Swiftkey team stresses that they are very careful with your info and want you to be comfortable. This is why they have also made it very easy to stop using your Swiftkey Cloud account, if you so choose to.

It is way easy. Simply go to Swiftkey settings > Swiftkey Cloud > Delete Cloud account.

Wrap Up

We are glad to see cloud features come to Swiftkey. We use many devices and switch often around here, so we can understand what a pain it can be to re-teach your keyboard often. We have been using it for some time and love how it’s working.

You won’t notice huge changes right away, but this is one of those features you will appreciate over the long run. As mentioned above, you can test it by downloading it from Swiftkey’s beta website.

Just out of curiosity, though, how many of you would actually appreciate this feature? Are we the only ones running into these issues?

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  1. About time!!

  2. This should have happened a loooong time ago. It’s such a hassle to set everything back up the way you like it on a rebuild/reinstall/new device. Plus I type more frequently on my phone, when I pick up my tablet, its a chore because it doesn’t know my more frequently used phrases and whatnot. Good on Swiftkey.

  3. Its been my favorite to since my Nexus one days =]

  4. Aren’t typing patterns going to vary greatly between devices anyway?

  5. Doesn’t Swype have this same feature?

    1. yeah a while ago. how is swiftkey allowed to keep copying swype?

  6. This is a great new feature for one of the most valuable apps on the market. Very much appreciated!!

  7. I’ve tried a lot of different keyboards, but I keep coming back to stock…

  8. It would be nice for the beta to obtain the statistics from the version already installed…

  9. Many keyboard have the same feature..Swype launched Cloud about six months back and Adaptxt had launched Cloudsync about an year back…why are they copying features from other..cmon guys..give us something new

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