Jul 23rd, 2013


Motorola has been the most important DROID partner Verizon has had. In fact, we can thank much of Android’s popularity to the original Motorola DROID. Since then, their relationship has stayed really close and they are now ready to take it to the next step.

Verizon marketing executive Jeff Dietel has stated that Motorola will be the official and exclusive DROID manufacturer. This deal starts from the announcement of today’s Motorola DROID devices: the DROID Ultra, DROID Maxx and DROID Mini.


While Motorola and the DROID brand always went together, other manufacturers like HTC and Samsung also gave it a try. Devices like the HTC DROID DNA and the Samsung DROID Charge are just a couple examples. But they never gained the popularity Motorola DROID phones earned.

This may prove to be a good deal for Motorola, which definitely needs the help in advertising and promotion. At the same time, many of you believe that the “DROID” brand has done nothing but confuse users and create discrepancies in the platform.

According to Jeff dietel, “Droid is a formula that works very well.” Do you agree with him?

[via CNET]

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