Jul 19th, 2013

The Walking Dead Assault screenshot 1

AMC just revealed the trailer for the upcoming Season 4 of The Walking Dead and if you’re as hyped as I am, you’re no doubt feeling like you need another good zombie/walker/biter fix. Might I suggest heading on over to the Play Store where you’ll find the newly released The Walking Dead: Assault, now (finally) available for Android devices.

After launching on iOS more than 7 months ago, Rick, Glenn, Shane, and yes, even Carl, are now at your control in a top-down, strategy action game. Probably not exactly what you were expecting, but I think this will make the game more accessible to a wide-range of gamers, while offering controls better suited for touch-based devices. Remember, Walking Dead Assault follows the comic books series, so don’t be alarmed when your favorite characters don’t look exactly the way they did on the television. You can download Skybound’s latest for $3 via the link below.

[The Walking Dead: Assault on Google Play]

In case you missed it, Here’s the newly released trailer for The Walking Dead Season 4. Hot diggity dogs!