Hyped for The Walking Dead Season 4? The Walking Dead: Assault is now finally available on Google Play


The Walking Dead Assault screenshot 1

AMC just revealed the trailer for the upcoming Season 4 of The Walking Dead and if you’re as hyped as I am, you’re no doubt feeling like you need another good zombie/walker/biter fix. Might I suggest heading on over to the Play Store where you’ll find the newly released The Walking Dead: Assault, now (finally) available for Android devices.

After launching on iOS more than 7 months ago, Rick, Glenn, Shane, and yes, even Carl, are now at your control in a top-down, strategy action game. Probably not exactly what you were expecting, but I think this will make the game more accessible to a wide-range of gamers, while offering controls better suited for touch-based devices. Remember, Walking Dead Assault follows the comic books series, so don’t be alarmed when your favorite characters don’t look exactly the way they did on the television. You can download Skybound’s latest for $3 via the link below.

[The Walking Dead: Assault on Google Play]

In case you missed it, Here’s the newly released trailer for The Walking Dead Season 4. Hot diggity dogs!

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Spoiler: Moto X specs aren’t that impressive (but you already knew that) [UPDATE]

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  1. I just wet myself.

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      i bought it..played it..did not
      fall in love with as i did with the series. got my refund and now
      waiting for season 4. the game was not bad it is just not for
      me…bought crazy taxi instead…thank you google for refunds!!!!! TWD

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  2. i bought it..played it..did not fall in love with as i did with the series. got my refund and now waiting for season 4. the game was not bad it is just not for me…bought crazy taxi instead…thank you google for refunds!!!!! TWD FTW

    1. Damn, son. 15 minutes isn’t much time to fall in love. O_o

      1. i know,but i had my mind on CT. i watched reviews on youtube for TWD and decided to take a chance and buy it…and it did not hold on to me…sorry Chavez.

      2. 15 minutes is more than enough time to fall in love, son. It’s getting her to fall in love with you that takes time.

        Oh, you were talking about a game, weren’t you? Figures.


        1. I disagree. Like pimping, getting her to fall in love with you is quite some. Just find the clitorus

    2. I’m not a fan of the current top down games. And other than telltales game, all TWD games are just ways to generate more revenue. This game might be cool but no better than any other ftp top down, n this one costs money

  3. October can’t come soon enough.
    I have to admit, after the season 3 finale I didn’t think s4 would be very good with the current situation… I was wrong

  4. The show sucks so bad! Season 3= FAIL I’ve read all the books and even if i didn’t compare.. the show would still blow balls. So I say no thx to the game! #MilkingTheCow

    1. ::coughs::: in your opinion…

      1. Yes imo. Season 1 was by far the best.. few episodes in 2 were good.. it kind of dragged along. 3 was so boring and shouldn’t have been considering what all happens in the books.

    2. It is simply your opinion. If it was a show like firefly that had a loyal fan base but poor ratings I’d listen to you. But when a show averages 10.93 million viewers per episode,saying it sucks is sstrictly a “I don’t like it cause everyone else does” kind of thing.

      They made it clear from the beginning it would pull things from the comic but that its not the same story.

      Also the show is about character development n interaction. Not zombies. Its not an action show. Its a drama. DRAMAS TEND TO DRAG ON. that’s where the term “dramatic effect” comes from. I normally don’t get involved in stuff like this online, but your comment just screams “I’m a hipster n too cool for this”.

  5. Wow… color me impressed, can’t wait for season 4

    1. thanks for mentioning this site on iDB!

      1. haha you’re welcome

  6. Needs a demo version. Not sure 15min is enough to decide if I really like it. I’m a little wary just because it’s different from the type of games I normally play. Stoked for Season 4 though!

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  8. Did anyone else notice the “game center” like features on the page?


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