AT&T HTC One Mini pictured in the wild, Snapdragon 400 processor and other specs confirmed


HTC One Mini ATT

Guess you can call it leak Wednesday because moments after HTC began teasing the HTC One Mini on Twitter, some images of the device in the wild have already surfaced. If there was any question that the Mini was ever headed to AT&T, you can see from the leaked images AT&T’s all too familiar “4G LTE” logo is present.

HTC One Mini sideview

You’ll notice the body shares much in common with it’s older, bigger sibling the HTC One. The only real difference is a slight decrease in overall size, and a plastic lip covering the sides of the device (almost looks like a really thin bumper case).

Specs have also been confirmed for the most part, showing a 4.3-inch 720p display, dual-core Snapdragon 400 processor with Adreno 305 GPU, 1GB of RAM, more than likely 16GB of internal storage and running on Android 4.2 with Sense 5 as a topping. We expect HTC’s worst kept secret since… well, their last device to go fully public tomorrow. Anyone interested in the HTC One Mini?

[Android Police]

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HTC begins teasing HTC One Mini announcement for tomorrow

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  1. Why would anyone want a smaller, slower device? I don’t understand. As long as it fits in your pocket, it’s fine. The HTC One is 4.7 inches and has pretty minimal bezel around it. It’s hardly bigger than some of the earlier 4.3 inch devices.

    1. Its a cheaper phone, some people just want a good cheap phone.

      1. Don’t see why. If you’re going to be paying $80-$100 a month, don’t skimp out on your device.

        1. not everyone pays $80-100 a month…

        2. also, people have kids and younger siblings and parents, who want smartphone capabilities, but won’t care about the differences between an One and a One mini… I for one wouldn’t buy my little brother a $600 HTC One… but a $300 One mini might be more up his alley.

        3. Except not everyone pays that much, so that;s why.

        4. Everyone doesn’t have subsudized phones.

    2. Smaller, yes. I had minor issues reaching the top right corner of my Sensation without having to change how I was holding the phone. On my One it’s downright impossible.

      If the Mini was 32GB storage and 2GB of RAM, I’d feel bad about not waiting for it.

    3. Its alot bigger than most of the older 4.3 inch devices. It will appeal to people who have jeans with smaller pockets, like girls mostly. The problem with the mini is that its not much smaller than the regular one…

  2. Wish it had 2gb of ram

  3. Solid midrange option for those who don’t want a nearly 5″ device. Well done HTC.

    1. Would rather have a solid high-end option for those that don’t want to carry around a 5″ device :/

      1. Totally agree, I would love a small One with all the nice internals. Also I really thought that was a bumper case on that device, not a nice look imho.

      2. I’m going to get downvoted for this, but the only high end small form factor phone is the iPhone. For most people (especially those with smaller hands), that tends to be the best option since most small Android phones are garbage.

  4. Wish it had 2 GB of RAM, but I hope it comes to Sprint! I’d consider it for a mid-contract replacement if it’s priced right since my current phone has some screen damage (though it’s still functional). I also like that this phone isn’t massive.

  5. Has anyone heard any solid rumors as to a release date? I keep watching the mini and the Moto “X” but would love to have some sort of a ballpark date, end of July/Early August.

  6. Is it me or or does the one mini look to be using more plastic than the og one..

    1. probably to lower retail cost

    2. It is using more.

  7. 1 GB RAM is an absolute failure. There is no excuse for not being able to put 2 GB of RAM in this thing. My God, 1 GB has been around since….I can’t remember back that far. 16 GB storage is ok for me as long as Sense doesn’t take up 8+ GB of it. Sense 5 is ok with me. 4.2 is ok with me. Hell, even the dual core CPU is ok with me (although I’d love to see quad). But the RAM….not cool man.

    1. at least make it 1.5gb like the s4 mini

  8. HTC f*cked up again.

  9. tinyurl.com/nc6x6hg..

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