Jul 15th, 2013


It’s an idea that’s been floating around the Android community for quite sometime. The dream of having both, a full featured manufacturer UI running on your device, along with a stripped down stock Android experience, and being able to transition between the two on the fly. Well, it looks like the dream is about to become a reality thanks to Android developer Paul O’brien.

In an effort to let HTC One users have their cake and eat it too, O’brien has come up with MoDaCo.Switch, a handy new feature that can switch between the latest version of Sense 5 (Android 4.2.2), and the stock version of Android found on the HTC One Google Play edition. If that sounds a lot like flashing between 2 different ROMs — this is different.

This method actually shares all the apps and data between the 2 ROMs, allowing uses to switch between the 2 ROMs seamlessly. To achieve something like this right now you’d have to flash a ROM backup your apps n’ data, flash the new ROM, restore said apps/data. — repeating the process over again, every single time you’d like to switch. Yeah, no thanks.

MoDaCo’s implementation successfully gives HTC One users the best of both worlds, with very little downtime. Hannah Montana would be proud. Public beta is getting set to launch in the coming days and we’ll keep our eyes peeled. Of course, root users only need apply. Video demo of SWITCH can be found below.

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